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 The November Wind3 comments
22 Sep 2004 @ 01:52, by craiglang. Stories
A short piece I wrote in my creative writing class. I thought it would be neat to put up here. Kinda in keeping with some of the recent discussions... :-)  Read More

 Retracing the Interrupted Journey2 comments
26 Aug 2004 @ 02:30, by craiglang. Stories
This is the (very) rough draft of an article I am writing for a UFO or paranormal publication, somewhere - not sure where, yet.

I am putting it out here for comments, etc...
.  Read More

 Journey to the Citadel5 comments
picture2 Apr 2003 @ 11:03, by craiglang. Stories
The recent events of the war, environmental degradation, and the endless scandals from human greed, recalls to mind a metaphorical journey I experienced a few months ago - an experience that occurred while in the deep trance of a hypnotic "Life-Between-Lives" session.  Read More

 The Rush Before Christmas9 comments
17 Dec 2002 @ 19:27, by craiglang. Stories
Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town,
Not an auto was moving, I saw gridlock abound.

The parking lot full of both new cars and old
The snow was not here yet, but only the cold

With prices reduced, on gifts all around
The economy hopefully soon would rebound

I with my MasterCard, and Visa and Cash
Had bought my last package, completing my stash

Toting my purchases out to the lot
I wondered a year from now what would mean what

Would we be locked in a war with Iraq
Or would peace prevail, with prayer and with luck

As I turned the key, and started my car,
I felt that the cheer of Christmas was far

Yet as the car started, the engine to purr
I felt a sense of warmth start to stir

The feeling that God watches over us all
And living within us, answers our call

It made me feel better, as I drove in my car
This season is time to enjoy who we are

I arrived at my home, my family to greet
I saw decorations, ribbons and wreaths

And looking, I saw the family room filled
With holiday ornaments, stacked to the hilt,

As I continued to take off my coat
A tear of joy rose, and a frog in my throat

I thanked our dear God for this time and place
The best of the season, to this blue dot in space.  Read More

 A Visit by the Jester1 comment
picture19 Nov 2002 @ 10:11, by craiglang. Stories
Sunday, during our monthly Dome Healing Meditation circle in Minneapolis, an interesting and rather irreverent image came through to many of us. The vision was of a troupe of medieval comedy players entering the village square. Their purpose was not to convey any message, nor was it to accomplish anything momentous. It's mission was levity. It's goal was to poke fun of the authority which viewed itself as being above the townspeople - to mock the rigid system which held the people in place.

There was a piper, a drummer, and several players. However, The key member of the troupe was the "fool". This character wore the typically abnoxious bright garb, cap, and slippers of a joker. His acts continued to poke fun of the mayor, who became more and more annoyed as his antics went on. All this was of course, to the delight of the towns-people, who had not had this much fun in months.

At one point, many of the soldiers who normally guarded the city walls, cast their swords aside and came down from their guard stations to join the fetivities. Even the stern expression on the statue of the town's patron and founder turned to a smile. (reminiscent of the movie "Chocolat")

By the end of the meditation circle, although we had all remained in deep trance, the laughter among us seemed to have, in itself, become a living entity. It did wonders to break the seriousness of what many of us had felt in previous days - the sense of impending darkness and danger. For a moment the heaviness was gone, replaced by lighthearted fun.

One person in the circle wondered if this was the trickster (Coyote). But that explanation seemed to have too much meaning. This moment was one which was free of content, but completely and delightfully full of laughter. At this moment, we could ignore that which would otherwise be considered important. We could poke fun of the the politics, the message and the rules of authority.

And this was the "non-message" of the jester: Sometimes we can cast the seriousness aside, ignore our concerns and simply spoof the system. Just for a moment, we can be the fool.

-Craig  Read More