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 The Dream of the Trail0 comments
9 Oct 2007 @ 15:32, by craiglang. Dreams
Another entry transferred over from my Yahoo 360 diary. This one is on a recent dream I think is symbolically important to the life path of myself and others. Read on and let me know what you think...  Read More

 A Dream - Escorting the Prisoner12 comments
9 Jul 2004 @ 12:27, by craiglang. Dreams
I had a fascinating dream, which I suspect has some very important meanings. In the dream, I was part of a volunteer program which provided people to escort prisoners from one place to another in Europe (yes, I know, it makes no sense, but remember that it WAS a dream...).  Read More

 A Winter Outing in the Forest - A Dream of Spirit and Change0 comments
18 Jan 2004 @ 14:09, by craiglang. Dreams
I had an interesting experience last night - a dream that I was part of a group outing in the winter wilderness. The group seemed to be in some way, associated with our church. We were staying at a lodge or something similar, which was set way out in the forest. Yet the next day, it seems that we were going to venture out into the woods - I think to do some winter camping. (Note: the temperature as I write this is in the neighborhood of Zero degrees F).

I remember that in the dream, I was very focused on preparing for this adventure. I kept feeling tremendous uncertainty about what to bring, and how to prepare. It was later in the dream that I realized that the trip was led by a friend of mine, who is a retired minister - someone I deeply respect.

What I decided was that this dream symbolized uncertainty in the face of change - somehow of a spiritual nature. A forest or wilderness frequently symbolizes uncertainty, mystery or challenge. The sense of uncertainty very much reinforces this interpretation.

Our life path is taking Gwyn and I in some interesting new directions - some new ventures in life that take us into unfamiliar territory (the woods). The need to prepare, and the sense that I wasn't sure just how to do that, is very telling - as I am not entirely sure where this new path takes us.

What was most interesting was that this dream-outing was associated with spirital activity. And in the end, my comfort was in the fact that the whole thing was led by a deeply trusted spiritual figure. To me this indicated that the change is/will-be spiritual in nature - a new venture related to spiritual activities. Given the nature of recent events in Gwyn's and my life, this would be accurate.

And so the message that I take from the sense of both challenge/uncertainty and of comfort is that it is to important trust in the Spirit. Conscious ego-based preparation can do little when venturing into these new "forests". Only our trust in the guidance of Spirit really works at times like this.

I really don't know if this event is a smaller-scale personal change for us, or if it is a larger-scale challenge which affects many - or perhaps even all of us. But at its core was the sense of travelling deep into the uncharted forest, and the need to rely on God to guide us.

 A Big Coherent Event4 comments
28 Dec 2003 @ 10:32, by craiglang. Dreams
Just a note: I awoke this morning with the sense that there was something very large and very coherent going on "out there". It is a very monolithic thing that is occurring, a focus of the mass consciousness of humanity. Not sure what it is, but I get the sense that it is a truly big event - just around the corner. It is already in the human collective unconscious, but has not yet broken through to awareness.

Another one of those predictions for the PSI scoreboard?

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 The Dream of the Hummingbirds6 comments
picture27 Jan 2003 @ 10:40, by craiglang. Dreams
An interesting dream on Saturday night/early Sunday AM.
I was in a house (yes, the house stuff again...), and in one room at the base level was a large window to the outside. I noticed at the window that there was a hummingbird flying around - looking for a way to get through the glass. I knew that in the past there were birds that had not escaped, and this one was very much trying to avoid that fate. Also, on the outside of the glass was another hummingbird, it's mate, who was trying to rescue it.

I looked around for something with which to gently capture the bird, to take it outside and release it. I looked all around the house, but all I could find were a large number of Tupperware bowls, none of which had lids (my wife sells Tupperware). I was getting concerned as there was a whole closet of these bowls, and yet no way to cover them once I had enclosed the bird.

The dream bordered on lucid, although I did not feel as though I had full control. It was more as if I were a participant in a script - not fully voluntary, yet not simply a passive piece of a dream as well. I was very much concerned with how to solve this problem of capturing then releasing the bird, without harming it.

Finally I managed to find a lid of some type, and was able to carry the bird to safety. So the story had a happy ending. It seemed to be quite meaningful, and looks like one for the dream-analysis books...

(Note: I also posted this in the PSI room)

-Craig  Read More

 Troubleshooting10 comments
19 Nov 2002 @ 11:23, by craiglang. Dreams
Hi Folks,
Another interesting dream for the dream diary.
When I awoke this morning, I felt as though I had just recieved a briefing, and had been given an assignment. This assignment was to "find out what went wrong". There was something seriously amiss, and it was my job to be a trouble-shooter of some type.

Somehow associated with this was the image of an overstuffed chair with a slip cover over it. The cover was stretched taut, making it difficult to sit on the chair.

Also associated with the dream was someone named Howard. I assumed that it was a particular person I know by that name, but I'm not really sure of this. I also wonder if "Howard" was the person who was giving me the assignment.

Open for comments on this....
-Craig  Read More

 Remembering Dreams13 comments
14 Nov 2002 @ 20:00, by craiglang. Dreams
Just wondering, have other folks been remembering dreams more lately? I have found this happening more and more. Also, more and more synchronicities.

My sense is that this is a universal thing - part of the emergence and awakening that is taking place.

Comments anyone?
-Craig  Read More