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 What will/would the Awakening be like?9 comments
3 Jan 2008 @ 15:50, by craiglang. Thoughts
For years, many including myself have been writing about a coming shift in consciousness - a psychic/spiritual emergence or Awakening. Since this sie is all about the coming New Civilization, I thought I'd pose the question here as to what people here feel that might be like.

I am currently writing a novel series about the transition, the time in which we make the change in consciousness, the apocalypse, the transitioning to the fifth world, or whatever one wants to call it.

There will most likely be a series of books (the first of which is pretty much done and looking for a publisher). The final book will be that in which we make the above-mentioned transition, whatever that might look like. I am currently trying to form a picture to the conclusion in my mind as I write a general backstory for the series.

My questions for the general NCN world are this:
1) How do you think a transition will actually occur (if it does)?
2) Will it be associated with 2012, or some other time? Gradual or sudden? etc...
3) What do you think the world will look like after such a transition?
4) What would life be like in such a world?
5) Will it be Psychic emergence? Some form of enlightenment? Something else? Or will we simply learn (somehow) to live together in a better way?

I have a zillion questions about this, and I've played with some ideas myself. But I'm most interested in the perspective of people in NCN, since this group is about the New Civilization.

Let me know what you think.
-Craig Lang  Read More

 The Ark and The Grail - An evening of fascination and discernment6 comments
2 Oct 2007 @ 20:26, by craiglang. Thoughts
I posted this on my personal blog, but I thought I'd add it here, too.
It's a note on the lecture I went to last night, by the author and historical researcher, Frank Joseph.

I'm not an expert, by any means, on these topics. Yet I found them both fascinating and a bit reachy. What do you think?  Read More

 Aliens, Allies and Discernment3 comments
24 Jul 2006 @ 17:46, by craiglang. Thoughts
This weekend, I finished up corrections to the final proof of my book, The Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny - about the evolving relationship between humanity and the Visitors. As I was busy writing, I found something weighing on my mind. It was a bit of a surprise, as I usually ignore such things - but in this case, it was a talk I attended at the MUFON conference last weekend.

I had a great time at the conference, in spite of the fact that I had been battling a sinus infection for the last week or so. I went to a large number of talks on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon. They covered topics such as sighting trends, UFO physics, the coverup and the alien agenda. But the talk that gave me the most pause for thought was the one on the Ethics of Contact and The Alien Agenda. This talk really got the gears turning in my mind...  Read More

 UFOs, Rainbows and Bare Earth4 comments
1 Jul 2006 @ 16:19, by craiglang. Thoughts
Today I am having one of those skeptical days... Several times, over the years that I've been doing UFO investigation, I have reached a wall. At times like this I wonder, is there anything at all to this? Or are we just chasing rainbows?  Read More

 Response to 'Ten Alien Encounters Debunked'0 comments
23 Jun 2006 @ 18:34, by craiglang. Thoughts
Here is a reply which I sent to, in response to their article, Ten Alien Encounters Debunked
 Read More

 More on Writing - fiction vs nonfiction1 comment
18 Mar 2005 @ 19:12, by craiglang. Thoughts
As I've described in my log over the last few months, I've been taking a few classes in creative writing. During the Fall, I took a more general class which surveyed writing genres and styles. This term, I am taking a class in writing novels - specifically to get direction in the writing of my book "The Fifth Key". And I have found some interesting relationships between fiction and nonfiction. What I have found is that writing fiction is much harder than writing non-fiction.  Read More

 Prescient E.T. Contact SciFi2 comments
7 Mar 2005 @ 16:43, by craiglang. Thoughts
This weekend, I did a series of presentations at the MarsCon science fiction convention. I did talks on the UFO/close-encounter phenomenon and first contact, as well as conducted a meditation/guided-imagery workshop.

This year I did my First-Contact talk jointly with Kathy Sullivan, an SF author who is also interested in E.T. contact topics. She did a survey of the SF literature on alien contact, both past and present, while I talked about (real or potential) non-fiction scenarios of contact. We had not jointly pre-planned our talks, so they were not particularly coordinated with eachother. But what I found was that they particularly dovetailed anyhow.  Read More

 Another Spooky Connection?19 comments
31 Jan 2005 @ 20:55, by craiglang. Thoughts
I just got done reading the article "A Death in New York by Peter Levenda" on Whitley Strieber's website, about the death of Nicole duFresne. I had briefly read about the death earlier, in the morning paper, but I had no idea that she was associated with writing which was related to CIA mind control experiments, etc. Apparently the circumstances of the "robbery attempt" associated with her death are quite strange.

So does Nicole duFresne join the growing ranks of those who have died working to pierce the veil? Does she join John Mack, Eugene Mallove, Sherry Adamak, etc... in the interlife, as one who left us all too early - and perhaps for all the wrong reasons? And is there a hidden danger facing those who dare to ask the wrong questions?  Read More

 A Positive Agenda - a letter to MoveOn.org6 comments
20 Jan 2005 @ 19:55, by craiglang. Thoughts
I just sent this, along with a pretty sizeable $$$ contribution, to I think it pretty much sums up my view that we need to focus on light, rather than darkness.  Read More

 For everything there there is a time2 comments
21 Oct 2004 @ 00:05, by craiglang. Thoughts
For Everything there is a time. This has always been one of my favorite verses. It has guided me through many of the ups and the downs of life. It has helped me to form new ties and it has helped me to move on.  Read More

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