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2009-05-10: Stars in our eyes? More on the question: 'Are we ready for the Cosmos?'
2009-05-04: Star travel sooner than we think?
2008-01-03: What will/would the Awakening be like?
2007-10-09: The Dream of the Trail
2007-10-03: Not everyone is a skeptic...
2007-10-02: The Ark and The Grail - An evening of fascination and discernment
2007-08-14: Notes from NGH 2007
2007-08-03: Synchronicities positive and negative - Catch God on a whisper
2007-03-31: Announcing global release of The Cosmic Bridge
2006-10-17: A Symphony of Change
2006-07-24: Aliens, Allies and Discernment
2006-07-07: Hidden Contact -- The Fermi Paradox and The Deardorff Hypothesis
2006-07-01: UFOs, Rainbows and Bare Earth
2006-06-23: Response to 'Ten Alien Encounters Debunked'
2006-02-03: More spooky 9/11 stuff
2006-01-10: New FTL and Hyperspace Theory
2005-12-23: 'Fun' in the literature world
2005-10-24: The Republic of Vermont?
2005-07-18: Seth Shostak's Glass House
2005-07-06: Fun with Myers-Briggs and Strong
2005-07-05: Torn on the 4th of July
2005-03-18: More on Writing - fiction vs nonfiction
2005-03-16: Whitley on Armegeddon '2005, The Year of the Death Wish'
2005-03-14: More on Armageddon
2005-03-10: Stress and Drivers
2005-03-07: Prescient E.T. Contact SciFi
2005-03-02: Richard Dolan - Response to Jennings and Part 2 of 'UFO Secrecy'
2005-02-27: It was a dark and stormy night
2005-02-25: Peter Jennings Special - Whitley Strieber's Response
2005-02-25: Disappointing but not surprising - the Peter Jennings UFO special
2005-02-23: More by Richard Dolan
2005-02-09: 'Healing the Hurts of Nations' by Palden Jenkins
2005-02-08: Disparity
2005-01-31: Another Spooky Connection?
2005-01-21: Controlling the Anger
2005-01-20: A Positive Agenda - a letter to
2004-12-30: 'Earthquakes in various places'
2004-11-04: The March Goes On
2004-10-25: A Million Questions in the Eye of God
2004-10-21: For everything there there is a time
2004-10-18: Richard M. Dolan - UFOs and the National Security State
2004-10-15: Life, the PSI Room and Everything
2004-10-08: Enlightenment and Story Writing
2004-09-22: The November Wind
2004-09-21: The big and the small
2004-09-20: Psychic Fulfillment
2004-09-19: Sky Captain
2004-09-14: Announcing our new arrivals
2004-09-09: The Light of Contrast
2004-09-07: Life as Usual...
2004-09-03: More thoughts on the present changes
2004-09-01: Lessons and Synchronicities on 'Being' and 'Doing'
2004-08-26: Retracing the Interrupted Journey
2004-08-26: Nonspecific Orneriness - a grouchy spirit in the material world
2004-08-09: Rocks, Reunion and Reflection
2004-08-05: Late night thoughts - The promises, the joys and the perils of life
2004-08-02: A World of Change
2004-07-30: HWJV
2004-07-20: A Dark Moment for Bumper Sticker Democracy
2004-07-12: Has it arrived?
2004-07-09: A Dream - Escorting the Prisoner
2004-07-02: Convergence SF Con - Article and Presentation on UFO Coverup
2004-06-07: An Insight on Depression - Disengagement vs Nonattachment
2004-06-07: Harry Potter 3 - More magic and a look at the dark side
2004-05-25: Moving On...
2004-05-24: And Now the Warts...
2004-05-24: Sweeping Change: Notes from the Minnesota Democratic State Conv...
2004-05-20: Dr. Eugene Mallove Killed
2004-05-05: The Gathering Dark and The Gathering Light
2004-03-24: Negotiating Style - Observations from a Political Convention
2004-03-14: Austerity and Sunbursts
2004-03-10: Thoughts from an evening choir concert
2004-03-09: Three Days of Creative Fun - Notes from MarsCon 2004
2004-03-09: Life in a Psychic Society
2004-03-02: Caucus Night
2004-02-19: An interesting talk by Carville and Matilin
2004-02-13: Articles on Spontaneous Italian Fires
2004-02-13: Adventures with the Mind-Machine PK(?)
2004-01-30: Disappointment - A Lesson in Mindfulness
2004-01-28: And So It Begins...
2004-01-18: First Contact and 'Popular Mechanics'
2004-01-18: A Winter Outing in the Forest - A Dream of Spirit and Change
2004-01-14: The Sense of the 'Something Beyond'
2004-01-12: Future Shock
2004-01-07: CubeWorld and Self Employment - Ups, Downs and Tradeoffs
2004-01-01: Handling Conflict on the Road to Enlightenment
2004-01-01: The Return of the King - The Beginning of the Kali Yuga
2003-12-28: A Big Coherent Event
2003-12-28: A Lesson from Eckhart Tolle 'Power of Now'
2003-12-22: The Experience of Polarity
2003-12-03: Whitley Strieber Notes on The Dark Side of the Visitors
2003-12-02: Sense of Warning
2003-12-01: Wonder and Mystery on a Rural Wisconsin Highway
2003-11-29: Struggle and Transcendence
2003-11-28: 'Sight Unseen' by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey
2003-11-10: Some Thoughts on Steven Spielberg's 'Taken'
2003-11-09: In memory of Miss Lady Lass
2003-11-02: Close Encounters - The movie 25 years later
2003-10-30: The Coverup of the Ambiguous
2003-09-30: Expectations and Mindfulness on a Rough Day... :-)
2003-09-24: Transition Step
2003-09-21: An Ancient Light
2003-09-14: Focus and Synergy
2003-09-05: Plans, Goals and Expectations
2003-09-03: People Watching
2003-08-29: Finding and Following Your Path
2003-07-26: Wondering who to pray for...
2003-07-14: Lisette Larkins: Calling on E.T.
2003-07-13: Notes from the MUFON 2003 Symposium
2003-07-13: The Oldest Planet
2003-05-22: A close call - The precariousness of life
2003-05-21: Skywatch Visitors (?)
2003-05-04: More Thoughts on The Day the Earth Stood Still
2003-05-01: Update from The Close Encounter Working Group
2003-04-16: The Promise of a New Unknown
2003-04-13: Who's We?
2003-04-10: A Beautiful Spring Day
2003-04-08: The Rectangle
2003-04-07: Sunday Afternoon Synchronicity
2003-04-05: The Day the Earth Stood Still: Thoughts on Why They're Here
2003-04-04: Synchronicity and Midlife: Traveling the Winding Road
2003-04-02: Journey to the Citadel
2003-03-28: A Respite in the Storm
2003-03-04: The Number of Close Encounter Experiencers
2003-02-25: Anyone Else Observe an Overall Grumpiness?
2003-02-11: Patriot II - Some pretty spooky stuff
2003-02-02: Space is our Destiny
2003-01-27: The Dream of the Hummingbirds
2003-01-22: The Inner Circle: Who's in and Who's Out?
2003-01-20: Polarity
2003-01-15: Surprising Whitley Strieber Comments on Iraq War
2003-01-08: The UFO Encounter Working Group
2003-01-07: Communication and Evolution
2003-01-06: Death and Birth - The balance of Life
2003-01-03: A missing friend - now a memorial
2003-01-02: Some Sources of Hope in 2003
2002-12-23: Discovery Channel Special: "Jesus the Complete Story"
2002-12-21: Lord of the Rings - Those Towers Again...
2002-12-17: The Rush Before Christmas
2002-12-13: Late night thoughts on listenning to Beethoven's Ninth...
2002-12-10: Faith Manages
2002-12-06: Intuition and Synchronicity on a Friday Evening
2002-11-30: The Magic of Harry Potter
2002-11-28: Thoughts on Technology and the Soul.
2002-11-27: Thanksgiving - Hope in a Dark Time
2002-11-19: Troubleshooting
2002-11-19: A Visit by the Jester
2002-11-14: Remembering Dreams
2002-11-08: Announcing the PSI, Parapsychology and Field Consciousness Interest Group
2002-11-06: The Elections: Be Careful What You Wish For
2002-11-03: Laughter of Kids and a Tapestry of Hope
2002-11-02: A Beautiful November Day
2002-10-25: Some Interesting Visitors
2002-09-21: In Memory of Lady Molly Brown
2002-09-12: Smiles, Tears, Life Goes On
2002-09-08: Departures, Arrivals and Changes
2002-09-07: A Sacred Space
2002-09-02: A Lesson From 9/11
2002-08-30: Thoughts on Unexpected Spiritual Emergence
2002-08-30: What a wonderful place.

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