System Busting: Abolishing the Money System. Can we afford not to?    
 Abolishing the Money System. Can we afford not to?
29 Jul 2002 @ 14:58, by Linda Simmons

Abolish Money??!! How can we possible afford not to.
by Linda Simmons

When I first heard the concept “abolish money” I struggled with it. I loved the idea of not having to be focused on money for survival, but I couldn’t imagine what would replace it. Socialism? Communism? All things that we know will remove some freedoms. But when I began to think in terms of Abundance, I was able to shift.

I'm interested in starting a discussion of this concept. Please read full text and add your comments. :)

Abolish Money??!! How can we possible afford not to.
by Linda Simmons

When I first heard the concept “abolish money” I struggled with it. I loved the idea of not having to be focused on money for survival, but I couldn’t imagine what would replace it. Socialism? Communism? All things that we know will remove some freedoms. But when I began to think in terms of Abundance, I was able to shift.

All of those systems, capitalism, communism, and socialism are based on a sense of lack. A belief that there is not enough for all, a belief that someone has to “control” the resources.

When we let go of the idea we need to “control” the resources, we begin to recognize the abundance for all. Matter of fact we can see how capitalism is actually depleting our resources at a faster rate and without regard for the good of the whole. And if we don’t care for the good of the whole, we really haven’t taken care of any of us, for we are all connected to the whole.

There are times when we have to look at systems that we do because they seem to have “always” been there and this no longer serving me? This is a system that needs to be looked at closely.

We are currently trying to support a system that:

Supports and encourages competition instead of cooperation.
Dominates governmental decisions.
Encourages large scale environmental destruction...instead of only using what we need.
Encourages the creation of substandard “cheaper” goods to create return markets and to create larger profit margins.
Discourages maintenance and safety...again because of costs.
Drives a media focused on manipulation.
Drives products that thrive on addictions.
Uses fear as a motivator.
Creates polarity among people...perhaps even more than than sex, race and religion.
Is one of the leading reasons for crime in this world.
Uses up a tremedous amount of energy that could be directed toward actually making the world a better place to live.

When you consider credit, the government deficit, the stock market and financial institution games...its hard to see what is “real” about the system and the artificial nature of it begins to show through. Money has nothing to do with creating resources. All the resources, labor, ingenuity and technology exist. Money didn’t create these resources But we attached money to these resources and gave OUR power over to it. Money is almost like the fear of machines taking one point is was developed to serve us and now we find out its in control. Or consider, those who have learned to master money are in control...not those who know how to master the resources. I’ll let you consider which skill is more important to our society. money is a problem...but what else is there? The new concept is simple. Take money out of the equation is all. As I pointed out, money did not create the resources, technology or ingenuity...we just attached it to this things. So all we have to do is unattach it...let it go...just like we abolished slavery. We just said we aren’t going to have it anymore.

So I know this is stirring up your thinking, so let me move into some questions and answers to get the discussion going in your own mind.

How can we possible change the foundation of our society? What would take its place? Wouldn’t there be chaos?

I’m going to ask you to think about these questions. Not run and do statistical studies and calculations, just take a minute, get quiet, go into your heart and ask these questions. That is exactly where I went and received great comfort around my answers.

Would there be chaos or cooperation? My gut sense is there would be both, but in the long run cooperation would win out. And it certainly couldn’t get anymore chaotic then how things are now.

Wouldn’t we need to control the resources? Make sure everyone gets a fair share? How do we decide what is fair share, wouldn’t that need to be based on what they provide to society?
This is where I deviate from some of the other abolish money system plans. Again...this is coming from my gut feeling...we don’t have to “control” resources, we don’t have to judge what is fair or not fair, just cooperate and work together...we can work it out.

If you want to move into one of the big mansions and it is available, by all means go for it. If you want to build a big mansion and can get enough people together to help you build it...go for it. But this is what my gut sense tells me...if the big mansion is no longer a sign of wealth, matter of fact, ANYONE can have a big mansion...are you still motivated to build a big mansion to rattle around in and take care of? Yes, there will be a few and they are welcome to do that. This is about true freedom of choice, not controlled choice.

So it doesn’t matter if someone wants to create a mansion. Anyone can do it. Now think for many people really would? Our truth of happiness would no longer be skewed by the pressure to present an image of wealth. Think for yourself, what would you do? I would be interested to know.

But how would things get done? Why would anyone work if they didn’t have to work?
It is in our nature to create, to think, to develop, and to do mundane chores. But now it would be with the desire and interest to do so, not the mandate. Imagine if everyone were set free to explore there truly personal interests, gifts and passions. Would things still get done? You bet! With an excitement and love unparalled by the motivation of any paycheck.

What about the things nobody wants to do?
If they are necessary tasks for the society, that in itself would be motivation for people to organize to see that they get it done as responsibility shared by all. As another writer on an abolish money plan stated...if shared, only a few hours would need to be done by many instead of a few having to do it all.

Why would people want to give up the power they have with their money?
My response to that is, who really wants artificially granted power? Is a CEO truly more powerful because he knows how to buy politicians and lie on his balance sheet? Is that more power? Consider if the shift goes from the “artificial” power of a few to the widescale empowerment of all. Imagine what type of place would that be to live in? Can you feel the rush of energy? joy? satisfaction and fulfillment?

What about those who don’t want to work? Don’t want to contribute?
We already have those folks don’t we? Consider how much cheaper and easier for us to care for them if we don’t have to focus on raising money and creating systems to do so. Again, an opportunity for true freedom of choice. We do have enough resources and technology for all. Matter of fact, people who don’t want to work save some resources and energy by not working. This also removes all judgement about what is work. Doesn’t being a philosopher or just spending time being social add to society? This also opens the doors for parents to spend time with and care for their children, for children to care for their elderly adults, for any number of expressions of life...not just what makes a “profit”.

What other benefits are there to abolishing the money system?
Spend a little time in your own fantasy around this. But here are a few I see:
You no longer have to live where your job is or where you can afford can live where your friends and family are, thereby strengthening communities.
Without a profit incentive, I doubt that we would be bombarded with fast food, perhaps health and overall nutrition would improve.
Entertainment without commercials.
More truth.
Scientists working together to share ideas to create the very best, instead of in competition.
Manufacturing working together to create the best.
Things made to last.
Decreases in money driven crimes like prostitution, stealing, white collar crime etc.
More sharing...why does each individual need a lawn mower when one per neighborhood would do the trick?
More opportunity and time for education of a variety of subjects. No longer a need to focus into one expertise.
No tax forms to fill out.
All the energy of financial institutions would be moved back into society (did you know that 10 of the TOP 50 Public Companies are financial institutions. That is how much energy we are putting into supporting this system.)
The pursuit of life instead of money.

Let me just give an example of the difference this could make. Say you want to build a house. In the money free system, you find open land, go to the manufacturers and get materials (again, there would still be manufacturers, because there are people who enjoy making things), work with people to gather what you need - remember, we don’t need to clear cut a whole forest just so the lumber yard can make a profit by storing (hoarding) all this wood, you just have to get the materials you need for your house. Then gather a group of people who enjoy building houses. How do you find these people, you ask. Instead of a marketing/advertising system, there would be an information and resource system...but since its not profit based, instead of being would just be informative and truthful. (What a concept!) you cooperate with others and create your house.

In todays system, lets talk about all the additional costs that need to be folded in to take care of people who need to make money....because we are in a money system.

Find a realtor to sell you the land. We won’t even go into people having “ownership over natural resources like oil, gas, land and water...(you can think for yourself the questionable logic of that.) Now in this process alone, we need to account for the realtor’s commission, the escrow fees, the financial institutions mortagage and interest payments, appraisal fees, inspection fees and taxes. I’m sure there is more, but that gives you an idea of how much has been tacked onto the process.

Then the materials to build. The manufactured equipment has had to go through a wholesale, distributor and retailer...all adding their percentage to the cost. Then you are also paying for the pensions and wonderfully high salaries of the upper management of these companies. Also as we mentioned before, the lumber company has been busily clear cutting because its more profitable for them to do things in bulk.

Then your construction crew needs money of course, cause they have bills to pay. They also need their insurance taken care of and in the cost of that insurance, you are paying for the insurance company’s salaries, expenses and the wonderfully high salaries they pay their executives. Then there are the contractor’s license fees, building permits, inspections again, labor union fees for electrical, plumbing etc.

I know I’m not even touching on everything, but this is the weight we’ve added to everything we do just to support a money system. And outside of this example, just think of retail, what used to be a simple formula of supply and demand is now a system of having to CREATE a demand in order for the system to grow. So we are constantly bombarded with things we don’t need being made to believe we need them.

Just to touch on this concept of having to create a demand here are just a few things to consider:
Two booming industries are the fast food industry and diet industry.
If the pharmaceutical industry is growing, it means there are more people getting sick rather than well. And the pharmaceutical industry has an incentive to grow.
Low quality products definitely create a demand for more.
We’ve seen the “synergy” created between analysts, accountants and corporate execs. The belief/fear created was you better make a big nest egg to survive your retirement, the way to do that is go into the stock market and HOLD ON for the long term - the analysts supported those fears and beliefs...meantime the executives have cashed out and well we know the end to that story.
The credit card system is actively helping everyone get everything the want, they are giving these low rates and encourage everyone to buy (artificial demand) after the debt is built up beyond paying back quickly, guess what is going to happen? You betcha, the interest rates will jump up again, and guess who’s stuck?

I could go on for days...but this should be enough to get you thinking. Can we afford to continue this system? I think not.

Comments and discussion would be greatly appreciated!!

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