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26 Jul 2002 @ 06:46, by Haohua Jiang

From: ID: tdeane:
Name: Tricia Deane

Oh my dear Cosman Jiang,

You write so beautifully! And such truths! I truly prize our new

I experience the freedom of which you speak: One of the many
blessings the Universe has bestowed upon me, as you probably have
seen by my logs, is that I was raised as an orphan much the same as
a child raised in a Buddhist Monastery. My caretakers were Roman
Catholic nuns, and although I do not believe in religion, what they
taught me about myself and my relationship with the world has
remained throughout my life. It is my purpose, most particularly so
because I have seen society from the outside in. I have never
allowed myself to be conditioned to society, because when I left the
nuns and entered society at age 14 I saw very little truth. The
truth is that we have all been orphaned from each other by a society
based on abuse of the most fundamental of freedoms, being ourselves.

My life partner and I decided long ago (we have been together for
almost 22 years) that legal marriage would tarnish and corrupt the
purity of our relationship, and not surprisingly the strength of
this freedom has helped us endure many hardships with joy rather
than pain, and we are closer today than we have ever been.

Do you feel, as I do sometimes, that if we simply begin doing the
opposite of what we have been doing thus far in terms of
civilization we'll come out on top? (chuckle) For example, we have
all been taught to "suffer quietly." My thinking is just the
opposite: I want to know what hurts people so I can do something
about it. Also, in my work as a spiritual healer/empath, I help
people to find their purpose by identifying what has hurt them most
deeply in their lives.

So, you see, I actually do the work I started out to do as a
Psychologist. I just do it the RIGHT way for me, by acknowledging my
client's worth to me and teaching them to use the spiritual and
psychological tools they each have within them so they never have to
call me again, or anyone else, for that matter.

If I had to pick one major wrong in society to begin the journey
with it would be equality, for I believe to think in any other terms
destroys the possibility of logical thought. Speaking of that,
several years ago, I heard a newscast on CNN regarding the discovery
of the sixth site of earliest civilization. Perhaps you have heard
of the same. Our earliest civilizations, according to this account,
was the gathering of peoples around breweries. Isn't that funny?
Doesn't that explain a lot? Every time I think of that I begin
laughing, and somehow the chaos in the world right now seems more
understandable: Civilization began to foster addiction! I will try
to find the articles on the internet and send you the URL for them
sometime this week.

Cosman Jiang, my brother, you are truly a welcome member of my

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26 Jul 2002 @ 07:13 by chaiyah : Angels also incarnate.
So I see.  

27 Jul 2002 @ 06:49 by kay : Worthy of meditation..
...I feel like I have found a holy space. This is very beautiful. Thanks to both of you for sharing so much heart and soul with us.  

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