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26 Jul 2002 @ 06:40, by Haohua Jiang

To: ID: tdeane:
Name: Tricia Deane

Dear Tracia:

Your reply sent me a lasting excitement, like the cool breeze at
this summer midnight brushing across my soul, leading me into the
real paradise in my very heart.

I have noticed that you are an active and positive member of NCN,
and I also have downloaded all of your articles in your profile and
read them seriously. I discovered an angel-like soul among holy
melodies composed by your beautiful heart.

I enjoy first the transparency of human soul as clean and pure as
the melted ice-water of the North Pole. True is clean while false is

I believe firmly that absolute freedom is the sole meaning (if we
can be allowed to make a hypothesis for our life) and the mere
precondition of existence of a true being. Hitherto, nobody in
so-called academic circle has given us a satisfied answer for
freedom, except those abandoned transcendent and salvation-oriented
doctrines of some anti-secular religions. Here is my very answer.
Freedom is just the original and natural style of existence of a
certain being. For example, a flower is in freedom just only when
she is alive by connecting through her own branch to the root deeply
in the soil. If we pick her off, her freedom will then
simultaneously disappear.Another example, like the relationship
between love and marriage, love is a free spirit, and only a
beautiful and holy feeling in our heart, but marriage is a secular
institution, with innumerable rules and laws, and also linking to
every level of insane human society,when we put free love into the
prison of marriage, the concequnces are obvious, a true love will be
strangled at once.

But what is that at colleges the authorities tell us about freedom?
Supported by the main-stream practices and theories along entire
human history and ¡°civilized¡± process, they say, without any
hesitate, freedom is a right to possess, to compete, to do what you
want to do(and enclosed a paradoxical condition ¨C without infringing
the interests of others). If certain lands and fruits or birds and
beasts are controlled by some person at first, and then undoubtedly,
he or she will be the legal owner of the former. Why nobody ask what
is the reason of this proposition? Is possessing or controlling or
the ridiculous ownership of property a justice? Who can test it for
us? And moreover, are these meaningful or beneficial to our

When we cast a stone of suspicion to the very basement of the huge
building of human civilization, it is so easy to see, the basement
is too fragile to support a boasted civilized human society. It is
just built by absurd and false and evil brick, which originate all
human sufferings.

I seldom see any true man in this world, most people are only those
died-alive, existing without true self. In such a heartless social
arena, who can become the owner of himself? Is the IT giant Bill
Gates not the very slaver of his billions of dollars? Is Iraq
president Saddam Hussein not the very slaver of his big power? Is a
certain academic authority not the very slaver of so-called
scientific truths?

I¡¯m going to decode these paradoxes, to show the world what is a
true civilization. I believe it¡¯s the common target of both of us.

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27 Jul 2002 @ 03:17 by jazzolog : My Best Wishes
You have described a wonderful and worthy goal in this open letter. Welcome to this Log, and I look forward to its growth and truth. Sincerely, Richard  

27 Jul 2002 @ 06:47 by kay : Thank you
.....and welcome to NCN. Tricia is a dear friend to me and to many around here.

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