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26 Jul 2002 @ 06:31, by Haohua Jiang

(This is a five-minute-speech I delivered in English at the campus of my university)

I would never forget the historic moment, in that miserable evening, on September 11, 2001, when I turned on my radio to listen to the VOA news report as usual, an unexpected terrible news shocked my heart.

In fact, I had already guessed the real cause before the whole story was unveiled, it was a terrorist event, my intuition told me. However, I¡¯m not a prophet, indeed, I only deduced the real answer from my deep concern about the security crisis of this blue planet. For many years, I¡¯ve concentrated my mind on exploring those evil logical rules and structures hiding in our civilization system and our human history, as a result, a big worry has grown from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, the September 11 terrorist attack has verified my worry, and more unfortunately, this worry has been intensified by another problem, that is the reaction to the attack.

The September 11 terrorist attack is surprising, but, undoubtedly, the reaction to it is more surprising. The most terrible thing is even not this attack itself but the cheerful reaction to it, particularly in China, and in its intellectual circles. I could never understand such crazy feelings in which terrorist attack is viewed as the most exciting event, by this way, the biggest tragedy has been incredibly turned to a biggest comedy.

Can you imagine what will follow these evil feelings to emerge? It is obviously, if so many people, especially those younger generations, enjoy terrorist attack as an exciting play, we not only will be unable to find an effective solution for terrorism, but also will be faced with more and more such man-made disasters.

The September 11 terrorist attack has sunk in the historical stream. But, its deep influence is just flowing to the future. As a matter of fact, today, there are so many different points and views, analyses and comments, ideas and theories, emerged from every corner throughout the world, to explain the causes and consequences of this event. Around the world, after the attack, even having not woken from the panic, every people has already fallen in a big confusion.

Just this confusion, is the real panic we have to meet inevitably. This confusion likes a computer chip, planted into the mind of every human being by our confused so-called civilization along our complicated history. Up to now, we have a profound prejudice which regards our civilization as a perfect and good man-made creature. It is a mistaken notion. Civilization, as my points of view, is a huge warehouse, we have stored a large number various cultural products in it, good ones or evil ones. All these products, are weaved into a limitless web, every activity of people or every event of society, is directed and controlled by this web. Civilization is a two-edged weapon, is a general-director of the drama of human history, in both comic one or tragic one.

Where do the evil genes exist? What are the real wells of terrorism? which is the womb of the seeds of animosity? Just civilization, our so proud civilization. Why did so many people drink the blood of victims sweetly? You can also question the civilization itself.

If what we can share is not happiness but painfulness, if wealth and power still drive us fight heartlessly in the social arena, if poverty and inequity are still supported by those absurd theories and our political institutions, these hysteria people, the blood-drinking game players, will not be expected to be reduced or disappear but continue to increase .

God would be no longer willing to wait for our peaceful solution. We get no time to hesitate, to wander, even to dream. Unless decoding and modifying the evil genes of our civilization, God will cover our future with darkness.

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26 Jul 2002 @ 07:09 by chaiyah : God will cover our future with darkness
RE: http://www.timebomb2000.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36846

NO Jiang. We all die anyway. They hardly knew what hit 'em, instead of perhaps dying slowly from cancer or AIDS. NO. Terrorism is a wake-up call, a time to look up and find the Light.
NOTE: The link above is very interesting. Have you noticed that they don't know where Cheney is lately? Went into a high-tech sub and never came back.  

26 Jul 2002 @ 08:59 by cosman64 : my reply to Mr.Chaiyah
To the extreme extent, nothing we can say, about every action of human beings. Right and wrong means nothing. But,humankind is a certain creature depending on the meaning or end of life, hence, we have to inevitably answer the good way or bad way.In my opinion, before so many confuesd thoughts passing on to us from history, only one thing we can't refuse to accept as our principle, that the mere meaning of the life of a true being, is just its existence, without existence, being is no longer a being itself, and where can we find the meaning? Deduced from this, I will never stand on the side of killing and outraging. If we need a warnig-bell of terroism, what will happen? Hatred can do nothing. China has lost millions lives in second world war, and Nanjing the city I'm living in now, was miserable more, a crazy killing ended 300,000 lives. I think we also have the right more reasonably to act as terrorists, and to destroy whole Tokyo by a warning attack. Then, who can make an end for such disasters?
everyone is innocent ,including those terrorist members, they have lost their happy way, and the only evil ghost, not Bush, not American government, even not Bin Laden himself, but those evil ideas and thoughts, controlling our minds, such as capitalist materialsm. Is there no any good way for us to warn the world? In history, we have invented so many peaceful ways to change the world. I can never understand killing is a way to warn us.  

27 Jul 2003 @ 21:03 by fresian_is : Your thinking transcends many cultures..
Brother Jiang...your expression of grief is understandable in any culture...I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you...continue to be brave in a world of insensitivity.
Yours truly,

12 Sep 2003 @ 00:27 by vibrani : Look to the make-up of a zealot
I never understood the murder of people as being a reason to celebrate, and yet people like extremist Muslims do it each time a non-Muslim is murdered by them. Throw parties and the like. The way out of this is through through real love and education - not through lies and manipulation and hatred/fear. We are the God that allows it to continue or cease. Unfortunately, now it has grown way out of control and I don't know how we'll be able to turn around such lack of consciousness.  

18 Sep 2003 @ 02:03 by repsyche : moving away from violence
terrorism can only grow where there is no hope of peaceful change
we have seen that in Northern Ireland, where centuries of colonial misrule led to decades of bombings and shooting

terror can come in many forms however, and nation states have the armies and equipment to wage war on poor people all over the globe

is very difficult for us in the wealthy west to empathise with those who seek to destroy the system, but we should always bear in mind that this system is responsible for much that is both positive and negative on our planet

and we must not identify with that system, it is not our system, they are not our nation states - the system is perpetuated for the benefits of the elites

the latest round of international trade negotiations are an example of the lack of love and respect that the powerful feel for the relatively powerless, and this by folk who claim to be christian - can you imagine jesus driving trade talks that force the majority of the world's population to live in poverty so that a few can gorge and grow obese?

we are shamed by the actions of our so called negotiators and representitives

personally, I feel that this crazy state of affairs will continue while we persist with this out-dated and divisive system of nation-states

we are citizens of the world not a particular country  

19 Sep 2003 @ 00:22 by cosman64 : I prefer to be a citizen of such gov.
Great!REPSYCHE, I always think the nation-state is the most dangerous two-edged weapon of our civilization, and its power of destroying has reached the cliff.
All conflicts in modern world are the results of such a absurd political structure. I PREFER to be a citizen of the dreamed world gov., only by organizing such a sole political platform for all human beings, we can lead to a real and eternal peaceful time.  

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