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18 Sep 2002 @ 12:52, by D

Since I was a barefoot child, I wondered, but was too shy to ask, "When you throw something away, where is away?"

Little by little I am learning the location of Away.

Today, in the news from Yahoo and AP News, is the announcement of a cleanup of nuclear waste we began creating in 1943 in Washington state.

What a dreadful mess!

But connected to that annoucement is a link to some hope: ...

"The United States was founded on the principle of democracy, but we have the lowest voter participation of any country in the world. American democracy is in trouble . Most Americans are cynical about government. Some believe that the system is so corrupt that change is impossible! They see little or no hope for a bright future.

"But, here and there, across the country, there are seeds of change for regrowing our democratic process, for claiming the right of all citizens to help define the larger destiny of their community and world. These seeds are the believers who have not lost hope in the ability of the average person to challenge the status quo, disrupt existing contours of power and open the way for renewal."

Quoted from the Columbia Riverkeeper website.

As I discover that "Away" is Here, it is my hope and dream that as we open our eyes to the mess we have made of this planet, we also open our eyes to ways to change an otherwise inevitable ruinous end. It is my prayer that we learn, that we teach and that we act.

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18 Sep 2002 @ 21:23 by vaxen : Hi...
I can admire your hope, in lieu of the current situation here in the U.S.A., However I just cannot agree with you that there is room for any hope at all. The United States was not founded as a Democracy. It is and was a 'Republic.' This is one of the many lies fostered by the opposition to create confusion and division.

I am afraid that, for me at least, it matters not at all any more. The big banking concerns took this country over lock, stock, and barrel, during, and after, President Andrew Jacksons' term in office. He warned against them, even then.

He was the last real President of the United States. From his time forward every CEO of this corrupt government has been a paid lackey of the Central Banking Cartels which are the real problem worldwide. Or did you really think that the 'Federal Reserve Bank' is really Federal?

Jefferson warned against Central Banking as well...Democracy? Of and by the people? A load of crap...nice to see you writing again, in any case, Ms DuJardin.  

21 Sep 2002 @ 08:18 by swarrte : Away is Here
I vote for your more optimistic and hopeful outlook. There is no arguing we have made a mess of things from time to time. But people today are living better than ever before. We have learned how to clean up much of the mess we have made, although the nuclear industry may yet do us in. Democracy- a participative democracy- is critical to the more hopeful future. Yes, there is always an elite group that tries to manipulate the economy to their advantage, but the power of communication technology gives us an oppportunity to level the playing field. It is up to us in the middle, "Is our glass half full or half empty?"  

21 Sep 2003 @ 03:16 by repsyche : not just usa
aren't all the so-called democracies in the same boat ?  

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