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picture12 Dec 2009 @ 04:21, by John Ashbaugh

Saturn in the Kennel of Virgo. Venus an hour ahead of the Rising Sun.

The spinning Sapphire in Blue light revolves in synchronicity with her sister gems around their bright star. The urban civilizations of the bipedal ape have chewed the forest of the planet up into near oblivion. The mania for black gold, yellow gold, and white gold drives the dynamic of population relocation. Many things are being written and many movies are being made, all presenting variations on the theme, the meltdown, not only of glaciers and icecaps, but of human populations. Shall a new civilization emerge in the Arctic lands that evolve from the tundra? Shall technological and creative capabilities cope in an effective manner with the needs of the populations who make it and take root in those areas? Shall there be great wars between migrating populations, or shall they all recognize one another as the last sailors on the only ship we got?
Very Best Wishes,

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1 comment

13 Dec 2009 @ 00:22 by swanny @ : A vision
A good defense is to hold a vision of a better day,
a day beyond the current pale, to lift the heart anew.
A vision born bright of all joyful dreams made manifest.


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