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picture27 Nov 2009 @ 20:42, by John Ashbaugh

I see in various headlines that there are various arguments going on

in global real-time internet sessions about whether or not
this phenomenon commonly referred to as global warming,
is actually occurring, and if it so, what is causing it,
and if it has been ascertained
that the madness within humans has brought this about,
what if anything can or should be done about it?
Let us simplify the debate.
We are fried.
The only question then becomes one of how long this shall take.
Let us propose one human lifetime. Say seventy or eighty years.
Or if one might like to reckon time
according to the contemporary counting system,
pose the question as,
What do you think the Earth will look like in 2100?
Parenthetically, if you think there is going to be anyone left around
who will still be functioning within that calendrical system?

What will be the progressions and realignments
of dry desert areas to moist rainy portions of the evolving landscapes?
Where will the plants grow and what kinds of plants will they be?
Ocean currents will change placement, and direction and intensity.
As much as is likely so for prevailing wind patterns.
No one can now really tell
what the overall number for the planetary population will be,
or how, actually, they will live.
A new technologically superior civilization
may comprise some number of the perhaps half a billion people
who occupy the planet.
Indigenous peoples in many places are already well equipped,
mentally and practically, to keep their traditions alive.
None of the current publicity stunt climate conferences
are going to affect one Iota of anything
that is contributing to the currently evolving methane hydrate catastrophe.
Might want to build those windmill farms in territories
near and around the Arctic circle.
Ever notice that big swath of desert
cutting across all of northern Africa through the Arabian peninsula
and across the Middle East and into the Gobi?
Now let’s just suppose that that whole ribbon of sand and rocks
nudged north some ten degrees latitude,
some twenty degrees latitude, or thirty, or what?
That’s on the Eurasian side.
No telling what might come around on the once lush continent of North America.
All lines in the dirt formerly known as boundaries will no longer exist.
The great California breadbasket might dry up like a canyon on Mars.
The Mississippi would become like the Rio Grande,
a thin ribbon of water winding through a desert.
From the Rockies, to the Great Lakes, to the shores of the Potomac,
tumbleweed territory.
The Amazon, sub-Saharan African, southeast Asian,
and Indonesian rainforest belt,
with the richness of wind currents and moisture
that have nurtured its profuseness until now,
will adjust in some unforeseeable way
to the overall set of changing weather patterns.
Moisture and humidity should be readily available
in this transitional phase of planetary evolution.
Where the rain will fall, no one yet does know.

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6 Dec 2009 @ 10:44 by niwalen : Just to say...
...that I read this.  

10 Dec 2009 @ 05:55 by koravya : Nice to know
Best wishes, Niwalen.

12 Dec 2009 @ 20:04 by a-d : From
strictly physical Health point (of view) wet heat is better for our bodies... hence more "right" than dry heat. NO desert; not one single one is created spontaneusly by Nature, but by Man's meddling with Nature in IN-harmonious ways,( to benefit HIM at the expense of Something/Someone in (greater harmony with) Nature.

No,John.... We Humans HAVE to realize that we need to face the truth of our selfish RAPE behaviour and we need to WANT to have a CHANGE of HEART = conscience and acknowledge this and then do what in Ancient times was called REPENT and AMEND.
NO technology is fully right one!.... though we need to bring some over bridging ones that will help us from fullblown MATERIALISTS / MORTAL (Minds) to ever more COSMIC Beings; who create only with our INTENT and Spoken Word = our DIVINE INNER SKILL TOOLS that we ALL got the second we took our first breath (united with the Cosmic/Spiritual part of our own Being/ness; the GOD-SON =The Kristos !! that might be a good Beginning of true Self realization! "Tradition" /Routine /(living STATIONARY Lifestyle = equals DEATH and is the OPPOSITE to living in the Garden of Eden/Paradise-life!
With all this taken into consideration and serious study, we very soon will realize that ALL Technology we have produced is COUNTER to LIFE and hence at war with our NATURAL ENVIRONMENT /in the Name of "Progress" (steps AWAY from Nature/ our true Place in Universe! much for Progress, huh?!?!?!?....
THANK you, Koravya for this very thought inspiring essay!  

13 Dec 2009 @ 05:41 by scotty : Wet heat !
Wet heat is terrible ! :-(
Having lived in Guadeloupe ( a Caribbean island ) for several years I know what wet heat is!
One of the reasons we came back to France is that the wet heat sapped our energy sooooo much that we were constantly tired !
(another of our friends is going to be leaving Guada soon for the same reason)

Dryheat is actually better for your health than 'wet heat' or humid weather.
When the air does not have a lot of moisture in it your sweat evaporates faster...we all know that sweat is our body's way of cooling us down.
The problem with humidity is that when we sweat it doesn't evaporate as fast as it does in 'dry heat' and because of this our body temperature increases and it takes our internal mechanism longer to bring it back down... believe me over the long term it's exhausting !!

The earth has changed several times over the last few thousand years .. in fact only a few decades ago people were afraid of the coming 'ice age' !!

We will see what we will see eh !  

13 Dec 2009 @ 06:46 by a-d : Yes, Darling....
wet heat IS better, for your mucusy INSIDES!!!.... that is why we steam ourselves you know; th boiling water in a pot and some wicks or eucalyptys oil drops in it with towel over our heads to keep the steam to stay around to be breathed IN by us1... when we have a really bad phlegm build-up in our upper (and deeper parts too of )our respiratory system!... :)...and when this little *nasty) procedure is done (ten -fifteen minutes of active 100% steam/humidity) is done we are expected to actively cough up as much of the phlegm as possible and trust me UP IT COMES now and ONLY now!....
Yeah...I lived in several climate zones with high humidity -including the Tropics ...I mean the real tropics!... ;) (only the tropics in/of Amazon can be "more" tropical!... I wouldn't keep my own personal experiences from them as any Yardstick for the rest of Humankind!..... ;) though I have say; having ALSO lived in the dry desert for eons... I HATE the DRY DESERT!!!...and what damage it did to my skin , my hair, my lungs... the few sweatdrops... I dunno... didn't make sweat at all!Having grown up in quite humid and hot Finnish SAUNAS!... and experienced sweating copiusly in them --not necessaily more fun ,but definitely easier and hence better for us/our biology/physiology...
I KNOW that this Story you repeated here about dry heat and sweating being easier in it... is nothing but a MADE UP STORY by the Money Mongers and repeated a thousand times as being some sort of scientific fact... it isn't!... It's only someone's BS to make people to actually force themselves to believe that LA / Southern Cal and Las Vegas climates as being "good for your health" MYTHS!...( ONCE AGAIN; FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! : )
Let me tell you.... if you think moist air zapped your energy ...then MOVE TO SOUTHERN CAL... into the high (semi-arrid ) desert of MT Baldy for instance... and you'll be as good as dead in ten minutes just being outside... let alone DO something outside... IMPOSSIBLE unless it's a cloudy day... and NO days are cloudy there for YEARS in a row...
I'm so glad to live in an area where there's both clouds and warm and cold air and dry warm and cold air conditions!.... ALL these variables are here in the North Western Montana... Yet; even these areas are a bit too dry to be really really good to breath... a Guy like my hubby, born raised lived all his life in So Cal complains THIS place now to be too dry... but he has felt enough to know now that he feels better if when moistness is up... and this is a guy who could have sworn and given his right arm to prove that dry heat is better for us... He now KNOWS his Belief system was nothing but hi-jacked by the money mongers :)
But still, what really counts for each and every individual above and beyond any Brainwashing into this or that, how they REALLY felt when over a period of time they experienced these different conditions... but as far as objectively looking at how the body functions in these different kind of conditions... MOIST WARM air IS better for our bodies. Period! Different kind of Saunas... (see: ALL "conditions" have their Place, so to speak! : ) ))  

13 Dec 2009 @ 09:28 by scotty : umm
"then MOVE TO SOUTHERN CAL... into the high (semi-arrid ) desert of MT Baldy for instance".... thanks for the invite but I think I pefere living without extremes - either way lol !  

13 Dec 2009 @ 16:36 by a-d : hahahahah....
u always bring a chuckle to me! Yes... isn't that right: A little of all or both or dancing in the Middle taking the Middle road...U know all these...but check out the links... really good info! : )  

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