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picture16 Nov 2009 @ 22:52, by John Ashbaugh

It’s been cloudy and cold these last couple of days,

and early this afternoon, the clouds dispersed
and light came through.
I notice that the methane-hydrates
are bubbling up from the Arctic ocean floor
at a rate faster than had been anticipated.
Seems like I been hearing that phrase
rather frequently these last few years;
at a rate faster than had been anticipated.
Also noteworthy in the news: water
has been discovered on the moon.
aquifers dwindle in our back yards.
Migration patterns are changing.
Battlegrounds reach into places long thought sacred.
The Earth, our planet, is about to be cooked,
and we are witness to it,
We Who Live into Tomorrow
on the other side of Night.

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16 Nov 2009 @ 22:58 by swanny @ : Yes
Yes it seems
I'd like to say take heart
but not sure what one can take heart in these days
but perhaps kindred souls ?  

18 Nov 2009 @ 00:43 by bushman : Yep :}
I'll be there with you, where ever and when ever that maybe :}  

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