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picture19 Feb 2009 @ 07:34, by John Ashbaugh

Had my second last Comp 2 for this quarter.
There’s a visual quiz and a visual essay
needs to be taken care of tonight.

The rest is they’re all on their own
putting their term papers together.
These are hard-working people.
Even being here is an accomplishment for a lot of them.
Holding down some insane Job, raising a family,
some with and others without a partner,
and fitting in three whole nights per week
with this class time, and then they get
to take some homework out with them.
And keep that positive, learning attitude smile on you face,
As you face tomorrow morning’s marathon.
These are the people I admire.
They’re working to make things better
for the people they love.

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19 Feb 2009 @ 09:10 by vaxen : Great!
I admire them too, JA. WIsh I were more like them. Some good role models of what it means to be human in todays turbulent times. You are much to be commended for your work. Thanks for being alive on Earth with all of us today. And thanks for the inspiration JA.  

5 Jul 2009 @ 20:06 by a-d : Yes!.... and they do exist in
every culture/Nation.... many of them are called Immigrants... though that is not a rule of thumb. I join Vax: wish I could more like them!


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