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picture10 Feb 2009 @ 05:46, by John Ashbaugh

Glide across the surface of the Ice.
Walk across the frozen Lake.

Momentum towards denouement accelerates.
Becoming the doorway to a new set of issues.
Our next feature, as soon as we’ve finished
Selling you down the river,
Will be the Destruction of the Empire from Within.
The government and financial sectors are riddled
With moles from all around the world,
Who have no more concern for the people of the United States
Than they do for the people of Bangla Desh, or the Sudan.
The trap has been set and the spring has been sprung.
Younger folks will be encouraged to join the military
In order to carry out expanding operations.
All dressed up in your college education
And no place to go. Fun, fun, fun,
Till your daddy took your T-Bird away.
With all that spare time now sittin’ around and doing nothing,
Collecting food stamps, and paying the rent and feedin’ the kids
From week to week to week, you think I got time to be bein’ mad?
I really want to spend my time thinking about the joyful,
Creative, artistic, and enlightening things in Life.
I got my family people and my friends people
And I want to be thinking about them,
Not about a bunch of criminals and power hungry megalomaniacs
Who are hell-bent on a mission
to create death and destruction on a wide scale.
Kinda hard to ignore when you realize it’s you
Standing there in their crosshairs.
Gotta wonder how the whole scenario is going to unfold.
One potential problem for controlled systems
is that the unexpected is not factored into the equation
of possible outcomes.
Surprises happen.

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10 Feb 2009 @ 23:10 by vaxen : Yes...
The unexpected, asymmetric warfare, is being factored into the equation, John. But the beast is too heavy to counter it effectively thus a reign of realtime terror will probably be the next step. Cheney has already tossed the first bocci ball down the pit lane...

Inner outer, outer inner...

Thanks, bro. Keep on keeping on. Glad you students have you and vice versa.  

12 Feb 2009 @ 12:39 by jmarc : Surprise!
You never know what's coming down the pike.
It does have the feel of rubber necking at a car crash, which is too bad, but then, yeah, you never know what to expect, someone may step up to the plate and hit a grand slam.  

16 Apr 2009 @ 19:57 by a-d : Surprices DO happen!.....
....THAT is Thee Secret of the Universe!...that even the Big Boys --or should I say especially them, in their arrogance-- don't realize at all!..THANK GOD! : )

Every day I find more & more Proof of this Secret (Hand in Action) working WONDERS among the so called Regular People/peasants of the World, Cochoroaches, Gentiles, Gullibles, The Less Equal Pigs ...or whatever name one prefers to use on World's Every-day People/The Man on the Street / in the Field... (And; as u know: "All Pigs Are Equal -only SOME are MORE" ... as the saying goes). Here is just one place we can find proof evolving: just scroll down the page and rejoice! : )
...and here ; the Idiots, who see themselves as Thee BigBoys (or the real IDIOTS of this Planet, as I see them... ) trying desperately to fight back, all the while shitting in their pants, I'm sure! :-D!...
that is just a little snapshot from one of the demonstrations.  

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