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picture29 Jan 2009 @ 07:26, by John Ashbaugh

Wednesday night into Thursday morning.
Just took a look through the first two parts of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s
Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.
Been so long since I’ve read those phrases,

that I really don’t exactly remember how it all turns out.
Xcept I’ve got to that part where
“water , water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink.”
Still haven’t got but a little over half way through Initiation by Elisabeth Haich.
She is by now fully into the narrative of her life as a neophyte in the great temple
where the education and development process proceeds.
Even got another story going on at hand.
Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje.
Some very remarkable characterizations and scenarios
going on in there already and I’m not even to halfway yet.
Found an interesting short reading, an article written in 1998,
about the rebellious attitudes that permeate
the television and media advertising slogans.
Break the rules; go beyond the outer boundaries;
what are the advertising people telling us to do,
besides buy their stuff, and fulfill all of our primeval desires?
Just make sure you all want the same thing?
Just make sure that the things you want are the things we are giving you.
The only choice we have are the choices we have been given,
and there are boundaries, the parameters of our clearly defined universe.
Had a little fun with the class tonight, twenty-one comp twos, gotta all be working on their research papers, and I gotta give ‘em an interim, stop and shop, essay assignment. Sot it’s, what is advertising doing to your brain and to the brains of your children? Almost every person in this class has a kid or two or three.
New Moon Weekend.

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16 Apr 2009 @ 02:08 by a-d : Wow!... John....
reading Elisabeth Haich's Intitation! HOW in the WOOOORLD did you "stumble"upon that one???.... Not the most common book --certainly not in todays society...-- but in the early - to mid Eighties her book made waves in Europe, at least.
(I have some "interesting things to tell you about her (interjections in my life. I will do it 101 though. ))

Yeahhh...can you imagine; "water,water everywhere and not a drop to drink!" How awful!... Whenever I see pics from flooded towns; that is the thing I think about!

You know, John, I see a difference between advertising and Official (like in Broadcast) TV, News Media COMMERCIALS as two slightly different things... : )
I think you are talking about Commercials...*!* : )

Stay Warm, Stay Cool! : )  

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