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picture31 May 2008 @ 05:23, by John Ashbaugh

Just a thing to read. Nuthin’s going on.
Looking beyond the day-to-day frivolities of our personal accomplishments,
all that is left for any of us to do is get out of our cars and start walking.
Only problem here is

there’s no place to go except miles and miles and miles
of empty asphalt and concrete, leading to more miles and miles and miles
of empty asphalt and concrete. Except sometimes, it starts turnin’ into gravel,
and then sometimes later, it starts turnin’ into dirt.
And it can get a little bit lumpy along this patch, and eventually,
if you go along this rutted path far enough,
the ruts start becommin’ a little bit scarce,
and the rocks and vegetation a little more abundant,
and soon as you know it, you’re walkin’ down a trial
that’s leadin’ into the undergrowth and the overgrowth
and the deer trails, and I wonder why they’re going along this way,
you wonder,
and follow it to see.
The setup for the economic crash is right on schedule.
The slave-owners may have some management issues to deal with,
but you can bet that the think tanks are
now actively formulating solutions to the problem.
The whole dialectical, metaphysical conflict just keeps chugging along,
just like the exhaust fumes from our automobiles
and our coal fired electricity plants,
and little by little,
animal migrations will alter,
and various critical species will disintegrate,
and when the chain of life is broken,
one can only imagine what the possible outcomes might be.

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