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picture19 Feb 2008 @ 03:58, by John Ashbaugh

Here has been one of those extra day weekends,
when I get some time to rake some leaves.
Here is reference to Catherine Austin Fitts
who has written an insightful article
about how narcodollars work in our economy.

Now I come to find out there’s another place
where more of her writings appear.
I figure to be getting into some of those
to help refine my understandings
of how the black money works.
Catherine refers to the 1994 mystery novel
Black Money by Michael Thomas.
I’ve just read this 309 page web of characterizations
contesting over and investigating and getting killed over
the high jinks of international banking.
Quite a thrilling little story with all sorts of observations
about how the money marketing mind works.
If I can get a little bit of a handle for describing these processes,
I’ll be able to share some of this perspective with my Econ students
when we get around to studying banking.
Course they gotta learn all the basics first,
but maybe I can sprinkle a few tidbits of information
out around the edges of where the pages leave off.
All those people in that story, sounds like they’re a million miles away
from most of the things I spend most of my time thinking about.
Mostly keeping the old day-to-day going,
especially with who I have to be thinking about.
Thinking about all of those people out there doing all of that
seems like it’s farther away than the next planet over.
I guess we all got our little hobbies,
and somewhere back there a long time ago,
I got interested in wanting to know how who or what
was behind how this political-economy thing works.
Course I thought about other things too,
but this was always an abiding curiosity.
Every once in while I find some little new source of insight,
and recently it’s been through Catherine Austin Fitts
and Michael Thomas.

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