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picture18 Feb 2007 @ 22:16, by John Ashbaugh

I’ve just watched Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Global Warming has not, however, knocked on my front door just yet. Al’s hypothesis is that this global warming process can somehow be turned around, or at least be brought under the semblance of some sort of control by the humans. Well, theoretically, if you could mobilize the masses, I suppose. It’s that mobilizing of the masses bit that I suspect is just a little extraordinarily hypothetical. Like the polar bear without a glacier to stand on, we might find ourselves walking around on a piece of toast looking for a shade tree, and there isn’t going to be one. Today is today, and millions of people around the world have by now seen this movie, and down in the neighborhood, standing on the corner, we’re all waiting for the ice cream man.

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19 Feb 2007 @ 19:15 by a-d : Well, see....
that's exactly THE PROBLEM we have to overcome: Always waiting for Someone(else)to fix Life for us!!!... There are a few things Humankind can't afford any longer: 1) to create an Identity from & through OUTSIDE/Physical circumstances & "means"/ like: "race", "family", "ethnicity", "nationality", "religion" . ONLY one's own Authentic Self can count and be the Foundation of one's Identity. And for crying out loud: istn't it nicer to feel oneself and be familiar with ones (own) self; own Dreams/Aspirtations etc, instead of trying to live up to some weird-ass Cookie Cutter hand-me-down- "identity", wayyy old; thousands of years old, and by now more than rancid )!!!.... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!?!?!?!?!?!
2) A Mommy figure to come and change our "Diapers" when we took a s---!... ; O. We HAVE to mature emotionally -or go extinct. That's the choice.
ANYbody contributing to the Global Warming has to start to change their own Diapers -in their/our own DAILY life- NOW. Ain't Nobody comin' from "Heaven" and do it FOR us; Humankind...
Thanks John. /A-d  

20 Feb 2007 @ 03:46 by vaxen : Oh...
A-d. dear, I must ask my self that question daily: "What the hell is wrong with me?" The answer, of course, is 'nothing.'

That the implanter orgs instantiate their diabolical machinations upon the new foetus is a given. So the 'apparent' answer to your question about what is wrong with people is that they've been manipulated from even before the womb to fit into an over all anti-human (homo sapiens) and, indeed, anti-life overall chaos generating machine which is in control of a very few advanced technologs from the 'anti-verse or verses.

What do you really think about Mr Gores' involvement in all this Mr Koravya? Becasue of who he is I, personally, don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. And Branton offering $25,000,000.00 (Fiat currency isn't money), s resally psltry sum, for an answer to 'global warming? Give me a break! Smacks of the charlatanism it is...

Each and every one of us are responsible for this worlds' condition. And unless and until each and every humano sentient robot wakes up to the inner call of the life being snuffed out of them... the present, sad, holo-gram will provide entertainment entrainment for countless years to come.

So, Koravya san, you are in a most unique position, as a teacher, to begin the change right from where you are as are we all in our own, individual, ways. This, of course, requires a 'free,' truly free, people who realise just who 'created' this world, this Kosmos, and this Universe as well as an infinite meriod of others similar but not like the one under scrutiny, ours, right now.

The present mindless cacaphony of ways will end. Are we ready for harmony, peace, lastingness of all we believe in as creators? It is we who will usher in the new verse and not some forked tongue politician and his lackeys. Of course I would like to allow for, believe, that these two (Branton and Gore) are real... but I just can't do that. "Fool me once..."

Thanks Koravya san for this wee look see. How are things in the classroom?  

20 Feb 2007 @ 04:21 by a-d : Oooohhh, Vax, Gore's "Involvment"
definitely has had an impact on a LOT of people , who indeed are finally seeing a reason -as good as any- to change their ways; waking up to own personal response -ability and hence away from the Broadway of Indoctrination by the few "Whomever"- you-said. These people have woken up to exactly the things you want people to wake up to! : )....and more ARE WAKING up each day. The Question is; HOW can we reach enough people to wake up to get the needed "size" of healing going in order to divert the worst case scenario?  

24 Feb 2007 @ 07:51 by koravya : Raindrops
How many years are left before I have to get off of my rear end and get moving?, is the question that each of us needs to be asking. The political arena is a vacuum when it comes to the issues of life or death for our planetary breath. Al Gore is the only person I can see in the political arena who is presenting a body of facts that bear consideration, and who is bringing this information into the global awareness that it merits. All I know of the man is through the conventional press. If there is any presentiment to distortion in his words in that video, it is in presenting the delusion that some sort of reversal of the process is somehow attainable. The ice is melting, folks. Duh! In big chunks. Duh? Construction of coal-fired plants is on the up-and-up. Duh! More and more automobiles are carousing along the hiways of the world. Duh? The forests are on fire all around our homes, and the majority of the population in the political arena are focusing on an anthill in the backyard. They are about to be swallowed by an inferno and they are drawing lines in the sand. How much time do we need to spend thinking about that baloney?
Those guys in charge of that show are suicidally insane, and they wanna take everyone with them. I have small classes of students and I get to know them a little bit during the course of a quarter, and I know who’s writing the papers I am reading. The issue is climate and the future of humanity. Well, I’ve got a young man here who flat out doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about a lot of things really, except getting this education so he can get the job so he can make the money so he can have fun for the rest of his life. And this climate change thing is far enough into the future so that he will be very old or dead by that time, so why should he care? My job is to get him to write an essay that articulates his view on this issue, which he does, rather well. And you know, when you think about it, considering the accomplished irreversibility of the process, now as the little ball of snow begins to roll down the mountainside, any lunatic with half a gram of gray matter in between his ear lobes, would understand that junior’s attitude is not entirely unreasonable. What in the snot should I care about what comes after my death? - - -
Astrid - Your words are like raindrops on a parched desert.
Vaxen - quasicrystaline geometry

28 Feb 2007 @ 06:15 by koravya : Another student
The Assignment is to choose a third world country and focus on the impact of the forces of globalization on the economy, the culture, and the people. This young woman chose Indonesia, and she focused on the practices and influence of Adidas and Reebok. This is her concluding paragraph.
“When researching about these people I realize that the things I go through are no where what these people go through. I live in a spoil and unsatisfying country; don’t mean to say it this way, but I do. It is sad on how we say how much we suffer when we never reach to that point of starvation or just hoping that we live another day to help our family to survive against numerous trials. Into my conclusion I ask myself this question, “Who will save these people? Will they ever be heard by anybody or by their government? Will anything be done about child labor and unfair pay? I bet these questions are in many thoughts of good people, but what can be done. Is writing all we can do? I know that slowly something is getting done about these issues, but how much help is coming through that country or any other country that suffering the same way. So I want to do is find a good supporter to contact and ask what I can do to help or help send a message across, slowly but surely something can be done about this. I’m glad that I wrote about these wonderful human beings, it really did open my eyes up on what is going on around the world."
**--** Sharon P. **--**  

28 Feb 2007 @ 15:04 by rayon : Al Gore was good
I have experiences long spells of not so nice people and gladly long spells of very nice people. I came to the conclusion that it did not matter that some one pretended to be nice, this was far better than being nasty all the time and going around saying they do not believe in Nice, which many English do. My mind has not changed on this, and I do not care if someone is very nice, falsely, I just do not care. I got Nice from them, and that was good, and I gave nice back and all is good. If they were pretending I simply cannot see why it matters. Have lain awake thinking on this, and still think the same.

This is preferable to being told by someone who is horrible all the time, that they care for you!!!! So the moral of the story, Gore was Good, and yes many people have been affected by his film, and also people looking to the giant of America to see if it is alive yet to these threats, that it itself, has unfortunately contributed to quite a lot, certainly in terms of inability to recognise other people's cultures over and above its Big Mac syndrome.

In October, the first international forum on Ancestral Wisdom was held near Cochabamba, in Bolvia,marking the anniversary of C Columbas discovery of the New World. Speakers gathers from all the Americas to discuss mutally faced issues. Including ecological threats, globalisation, AIDS and the need for the renewal of ancient wisdom in order for hte planet and the human race to survive this time of transition.

Members of indigenous communities spoke out about hteir continued struggle in maintaining their identity, culture, customs and ancestral wisdom in an increasingly captialistic global structure. Some are building new communities on bio dynamic lines. others are forming groups of indigenous lawyers to help defend their rights. A charter was signed calling for the revival of ancestral wisdom to guide us from a world that fails to recognise the earth as a living entity to one where everything that lives is sacred. They all pledged to hold a conference every year and to do everything possible to spread the knowledge of ancient ways.

Seven million reasons to get together again
First International Forum
“Ancestral Wisdoms”

October 12 - 15 2006 in Komunidad JANAJPACHA, Cochabamba, BOLIVIA.

How do we transform the world without transforming ourselves? How do we construct a different present without rebuilding our own identity and without reviving our ancestral heritage? How do we convert this social confluence into creative initiatives that encourage new resistences?

We call together people and groups that oppose the current unjust and predatory system; we summon social movements and intellectuals concerned with change; we summon the rebellious youth, the unsubmissive women, and all those who personify the change and dream of a better world.

This is about a festival of transformation, a feast of resistence, a union of dissidence. It’s about trying to continue to delegitimise the current system, to uncover its inhumane side which is the destroyer of life and of Mother Earth and to grow together and in our diversity new alternatives of life, because a new world is still possible.

Thematic Axis

1.- Architecture and Alternative Technologies. (Reviving indigenous and ecologic construction practices. The popular use of alternative and technological ancestral energies)

2.- Alternative and Conscience-forming Education. (Uncover Eurocentrism and neo-colonialism. Revalue ancestral wisdom and the construction of identities)

3.- Alternative Economy (Globalization. Self management of popular businesses. What kind of economic development do we need? The humanisation of labour)

4.- Communitarianism (Reciprocity and solidarity. Ayni, Ayllu, and the revival of Andean communitarian tradition. Rural, communitarian, and ethnological municipalities. Building our own America as an emerging civilization.)

5.- The Feminine and Integral Health. (Giving value to the native diet, Indigenous and alternative medicine. The sovereignty of nutrition and medicine. Abolishing the patriarchy; reviving and rethinking the power of the feminine.)

6.- Social Ecology (Natural Resources or Mother Earth? Predatory models and ethical ethno ecology. The creation of the Anti Consumerism Movement)

7.- Healthy Agriculture (ALCA, patenting seeds and hunger. Reclaiming the ancestral and alternative agriculture)

8.- Reclaiming the sacred (Cosmovisions and ancestral wisdom. Rituals and intercultural dialogues from within the magical. Ethics and changes of consciousness. Spirituality and pre-Hispanic religion.)

PLACE: It will all take place in 4 areas of the KOMUNIDAD ECOLÓGICA JANAJPACHA, situated in the province of Quillacollo, in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The event will consist of conferences, debates and forums, workshops, presentations and artistic and cultural presentations for 12 hours in the marked days.

Information and Bookings

Teléfonos: (591) (4) 4261234 y 4264324

E-mails: y –

Web site:

Registration will take place directly in the Community, at the start of the event and from three days before.

Daily Fees for foreigners: $10 or its equivalent in national currency.

For those born in Bolivia, 10 Bolivian dollars per day.

You can make your booking now via the Internet or on the phone.

Ecological Movement Pachamama
Movement TAWA
Feminine Circle AMAZONANDINA
Ecological Komunidad Janajpacha
We are of that we worked so that a NEW WORLD IS POSSIBLE


This came from Positive News International Network. Thanks K. for your own efforts. Nraye.  

2 Mar 2007 @ 15:16 by koravya : Thank you
Thank you, Nraye,
for this inspiring link to the International Forum
on Ancestral Wisdom.
I often get lost in my little world at school,
not in a bad way. There are some really fine people there,
very conscientious peopole who really want things,
all of the things that we talk about in these pages,
to get better.
We're all doing what we know how, and what we can,
in out best conscience, and it is really inspiring to read about
this Forum. And it is only the first, and there will be more,
and good things can happen.

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