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picture5 Feb 2007 @ 13:12, by John Ashbaugh

Thoughts for the Day:
Six Places to Nuke when you’re serious
Images of the Beautiful City of Tehran
That our days may be filled with Light and Joy.


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8 Feb 2007 @ 06:34 by jazzolog : United Indeed
Thank you for the Lucas Gray video John, and the urgent appeal to US oilmen to stop their massacre. I finally watched the Paul Greengrass film United 93 yesterday, something I confess I've been putting off. But to my surprise the movie, just as film, is nearly perfect...and not at all what I expected. No wonder it is winning awards everywhere for him as director and in best film category. UK film critics gave it best movie of 2006 just the other day, and he won National Society of Film Critics best director last month, and the NY film critics award a couple weeks earlier. He's up for the Oscar too, but against Eastwood and Scorsese. The DVD is out and Greengrass provides a commentary track that is a work of art in itself. United 93 families were involved intimately in the project, and many of the original military and air traffic control personnel play themselves. There are no "movie stars" in it, so at no time do you feel anything except the world change entirely in the midst of ordinary people. This movie tied me in knots for 2 hours straight---in real time.  

11 Feb 2007 @ 21:05 by koravya : Confirm
Well, Richard, I went on down to the video store and got it,
and watched it last night,
including the hour long extra feature in which the actors
met the families of the passengers.
As you said, the whole thing is an extraordinary piece
of filmmaking.
Thanks for pointing the way.

4 Mar 2016 @ 00:37 by linying @ : Ete  

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