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picture13 Dec 2006 @ 04:37, by John Ashbaugh

Here's another ingredient for the soup.
A little more aware.
A little more aware.
A little more aware,
and who ever knows,
that maybe one day,
there may come forth a Voice,
to speak of the way
towards planet Blue.
NARRATOR (JACK FORTUNE): This is a film that demands action. It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon. One that until very recently scientists refused to believe even existed. But it may already have led to the starvation of millions. Tonight Horizon examines for the first time the power of what scientists are calling Global Dimming.
NARRATOR: September 12th 2001, the aftermath of tragedy. While America mourned, the weather all over the country was unusually fine. Eight hundred miles west of New York, in Madison, Wisconsin a climate scientist called David Travis was on his way to work. (more)

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13 Dec 2006 @ 10:15 by swanny : Opps
Dec 13, 2006
Earth Council

Table Talk
Thanks for this...? I think?
It seems to be a rather high probablity
as the people and institutions seem to check out
on googling...
hmmmm what to do....
It is a paradox of sorts...
If we reduce pollution we increase global warming
what's the next step or is it even more complex and complicated.
A study also confirmed that using airplanes was doing something
drastic to ? hmmm what was it now...????
Something to do with the effect on night and day something or other,
not to mention spreading germs and viruses quickly around the world.
The 911 air grounding reduced the impact on the flu season quite
We have gone past the point of no return I suspect though.
We have made a bed of sort and now will have to sleep in it.
Or are there still a few options?

So okay


Call to order

approve mintutes

approve budget
what budget?

Director Report

Old business
Cold war
Iraq War
Global Warming
UN Reform

New Business

Global Dimming =
Global Warming =
Global Air Traffic = Sorry no link?
Library of Alexandra =
Beyond Einstein ( I think its time to put
the egg heads to work)
Carbon Neutral =

Next Meeting ?
Well ?
Circulate these mintutes anyway


15 Dec 2006 @ 07:57 by koravya : Brilliant
The conference is in order.
I've got eleven students this evening;
the overall general topic is Globalization.
What in the smack is that even all about?
I've heard the word but couldn't tell you jack about it.
And the story is?
Well, let's start with the triumvarate:
the IMF the World Bank and the BIS.
And then there's this word.
What the smoke does that mean?
Another one of those words you hear all the time,
but nobody ever says much about what exactly that might be.
So let's try to figure out what the meanings of some of these words might be.
The words are going around this little round circle of discussion.
And where do we go from here?
Feliz Navidad.

15 Dec 2006 @ 13:15 by swanny : Yo
Hm been havin some trouble with my solar watch this last
year... like its not gettin enough juice
now with the winter soltice coming it even stops working some days...

well enough whining

everybody on the floor

and give me 10 pushups and 20 squats

more or less...

health and heart withstanding...

I did mine...

A good and just "reason"....

For the JOY of it...

Joy is a good and just reason....

some say anyway

yay team....


15 Dec 2006 @ 17:50 by jobrown : Thanks John
for describing the Pic creation method. I had no idea about that! Not that I could do it anyway!hehehhehe....

This "Global Dimming" is something completely new for me.Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Yeahhh, no kidding, koravya! "....what the .... does that (word) mean???!?!??"

All the Best to you, friend! / Astrid  

20 Dec 2006 @ 16:22 by jim christ @ : stewards of this DNA

distinguished biped magic mutations of our DNA,
we are lords, ladies, knaves and sacred clowns of this place
with the whole world in our hands
and under our feet and on the run.

increasingly, with passions for the absurd and trivial
becoming the most important choices
echoing in our heads;
we gather what we sow,
teach what we know,
as we come and go.

at best we reach for and grasp that which is intangible
as we are only what we do,
while lesser, yet no less important creatures
depend on us with their last breath
or last ultrasonic scream
in all these circles within circles within circles.

all our tribes are pounding
in unison; one symphony
of crimson drums.
perhaps too near to hear.  

31 Dec 2006 @ 01:06 by Hanae @ : Fastest Mass Extinction in History

"Human beings are currently causing the greatest mass extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago."
---{link:|2003-07-28 09:20, by Julie Solheim-Roe}  

17 Jan 2007 @ 13:52 by Hanae @ : Aux Arbres Citoyens

This {link:|video clip} by Yannick Noah says it all.

Le ciment dans les plaines
Coule jusqu'aux montagnes
Poison dans les fontaines,
Dans nos campagnes

De cyclones en rafales
Notre histoire prend l'eau
Reste notre idéal
"Faire les beaux"

S'acheter de l'air en barre
Remplir la balance :
Quelques pétrodollars
Contre l'existence

De l'équateur aux pôles,
Ce poids sur nos épaules
De squatters éphémeres...
Maintenant c'est plus drôle

Puisqu'il faut changer les choses
Aux arbres citoyens !
Il est grand temps qu'on propose
Un monde pour demain !

Aux arbres citoyens
Quelques baffes à prendre
La veille est pour demain
Des baffes à rendre

Faire tenir debout
Une armée de roseaux
Plus personne à genoux
Fais passer le mot

C'est vrai la terre est ronde
Mais qui viendra nous dire
Qu'elle l'est pour tout le monde...
Et les autres à venir...

Puisqu'il faut changer les choses
Aux arbres citoyens !
Il est grand temps qu'on propose
Un monde pour demain !

Puisqu'il faut changer les choses
Aux arbres citoyens !
Il est grand temps qu'on s'oppose
Un monde pour demain !

Plus le temps de savoir à qui la faute
De compter la chance ou les autres
Maintenant on se bat
Avec toi moi j'y crois

Puisqu'il faut changer les choses
Aux arbres citoyens !
Il est grand temps qu'on propose
Un monde pour demain !  

18 Jan 2007 @ 07:23 by koravya : Read This Book
by Derrick Jensen

Hailed as the philosopher poet of the ecological movement, best-selling author Derrick Jensen returns with a passionate forecast of how industrial civilization, and the persistent and widespread violence it requires, is unsustainable. Jensen's intricate weaving together of history, philosophy, environmentalism, economics, literature and psychology has produced a powerful argument that demands attention in the tradition of such important books as Herbert Marcuse's Eros and Civilization and Brigid Brophy's Black Ship to Hell.
In Volume I: The Problem of Civilization, Jensen lays out a series of provocative premises, including “Civilization is not and can never be sustainable” and “Love does not imply pacifism.” He vividly imagines an end to technologized, industrialized civilization and a return to agragrian communal life.
If Volume I lays insightful framework for envisioning a sustainable way of life, Volume II: Resistance catapults this discussion into a passionate call for action. Using his premises as guidelines for exploring real-world problems, Jensen guides us toward concrete solutions by focusing on our most primal human desire: to live on a healthy earth overflowing with uncut forests, clean rivers, and thriving oceans that are not under the constant threat of being destroyed.
From Wikipedia
Jensen's latest work, Endgame, is about what he describes as the inherent unsustainability of civilization. In this book he asks: "Do you believe that this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living?" Nearly everyone he talks to says no. His next question is: "How would this understanding—that this culture will not voluntarily stop destroying the natural world, eliminating indigenous cultures, exploiting the poor, and killing those who resist—shift our strategy and tactics? The answer? Nobody knows, because we never talk about it: we’re too busy pretending the culture will undergo a magical transformation." Endgame, he says, is "about that shift in strategy, and in tactics."[2]
Jensen's writing uses the first-person and interweaves personal experiences with cited facts to construct arguments. His books are written like narratives, lacking a linear, hierarchical structure. They are not divided into distinct sections devoted to an individual argument. Instead, his writing is conversational, leaving one line of thought incomplete to move on to another, returning to the first again at some later point. Jensen uses this creative non-fiction style to combine his artistic voice with logical argument.
I recently found volume 2 of this long work
on the new book shelf at the local library.
Went to Amazon and bought the 2 volume set for $26.34 (US-FRN)
I'm about two-thirds through the whole thing now.
New Civilization?
Who's gonna be left?
Gonna Live in Cities?
Read this book.
-* JA *-
Nice Video, Hanae.
Hope it comes true.
Not too likely, I think, that the industrialists and bankers
are going to be converted into a new way of looking at the world.
Which leaves the rest of us,
including the emerging generation,
with some significant decisions to be made.
Open your door, and take a stroll through hell.
Unless. . . .?  

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