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picture3 Dec 2006 @ 20:41, by John Ashbaugh

The Light of Day is upon us, and there is no word for time.
The Ross Ice Shelf, apparently, is on its way
to breaking free from its mother
on our way to the beginning of the Big Melt Down.

Splish, Splash, we’ll be takin’ a bath.
We are already there. Where would you like to go?
A major investment of planetary resources
has been put into the military juggernaut.
Other output components of the economy
include toys and paraphernalia
for the billionaires and multi-millionaires,
on the one hand,
and a trickle down dribble to keep the slave population
at a marginally satisfactory level
of consumption and expectations.
And the whole dern thing is hummin’ right along.
All of those resources tied up in military equipment and operations
are the transformation of all that would otherwise be used
for the benefit and development of the mentality and living conditions
of ninety percent of the planetary population.
The mobilization of human consciousness
has been on our wars with one another.
One king has an argument with another king,
and thousands upon thousands of innocents are slaughtered,
the soldiers on the ground who are drawn into it
under the guise of a banner of honor and brotherhood,
and the civilians who are crushed and torn apart by the Iron Rex.
The slaves are fenced in by a web of steel bars, the nuclear umbrella.
Shorelines modulate, inch-by-inch and foot-by-foot, imperceptibly.
Nothing is happening until it has already happened.
We can look back now on the forests we have known,
for they will be changing.
The manufacturing concerns are going to continue
to manufacture military hardware and propaganda.
So listen closely, one with another,
to things that are not being said,
to things not spoken of,
to the whisperings.
Behind the curtain of the news machine,
is another way of looking at what is going on
from day-to-day on Blue.

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4 Dec 2006 @ 15:38 by jobrown : Ohh, wow!
korvya, what a good description of the Madness that has been going on for so long!
Yes, if only people would realize this connection between so called Inventions and one of the two military's main purposes; murder innocents; as nr one and inventing toys for the Bigboys as being their nr two -and in keeping with that, goes the scouting of and scavenging Earth's Resources.
I remember when the first Ballpoint pens hit the Popular Market, they had by then been used by the Military for some ten years! And now they were "out there" costing some 90 dollars per pen! Today we don't even remember their "evolution" -and made even more -in the billions- each day, costing pennies to make, but loitering the world all over. I know, just a little silly thing, but most "convenience articles have this same evolution!
Ah,,,, we could chat about this process in length, but ..... " .... So listen closely, one with another,
to things that are not being said,
to things not spoken of,
to the whisperings....." yaaahhh.... sigh!
I have an article right now on Jo Brown's Blog ("Blueboy's. You have to scroll down an article or two by Swanny, to find my latest) where I discuss the psyche that requires all this Madness to be.
Lots of Love & Light to you, Dear Friend!/ Bb Astrid  

6 Dec 2006 @ 03:11 by koravya : Thank you
Thank you, my dear,
I treasure your thoughts.  

6 Dec 2006 @ 05:51 by jobrown : Ahhhh, John....
I just realized that I did indeed make a mistake in my description here. Most Inventions are originally first made for NASA and then sharing them with the (other more )Military (-kind of Institutions).) I'm making this correction just so that nobody here can get in our face for not knowing "how it really is"! heheh...)

"Heat wave here today.Snow coming down from all our Metal roofs! Sounds like an avalanche when it happens! : ) / A-d
PS; your Pics are always so incredible!. Where do you get them from?/A-d  

7 Dec 2006 @ 05:58 by koravya : Pictures
I learned Bryce One when it came out around 1995.
I have a copy of Bryce 3,
and now the folks who make it are up to Bryce 6.
It's complex, but once you start learning it,
a nice source of creative entertainment.
It's all about manipulating shapes and textures and lighting
in an infinitely large number of possibilities.
The things I do are extremely simple compared to what
some people can do with it.  

15 Apr 2007 @ 15:46 by Mick Mather @ : January 7th, 1992
Our paths cross again over the Antarctic Mystery by way of your "Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth" circa 1992. We should chat, briefly, via email - you've learned of the teleport? The discovery of the 12 New Worlds?
Reply requested.  

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