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picture1 Nov 2006 @ 08:35, by John Ashbaugh

Tuesday into Wednesday, October thirty-first into November first. What has been going on? La Llorona at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The story of the Wailing Woman, a centuries old story, who searches forever through the night in search of her long lost children.

An afternoon walk across the volcanoes on the western rim of the city in the river valley. Into the setting sun under the cloudless sky.
The Halloween party is underway at school, for those who care to participate. A lot depends on your imagination and your willingness to share it. Here is the man with the hidden camera. Passing in the hallway, rounding a corner, looking in through a doorway, reaching into a cabinet, or just standing or sitting there. Little Dorothy and her little Toto, and the witch in full regalia.
Half of a class for World Cultures this evening, with a presentation on Paraguay by Steve, and another on Brazil by Cherilyn. And a discussion about reverse culture shock, the adjustments involved when returning to one’s native country after a long time living in another culture.
Then a showing of Iraq for Sale, in case anyone needs any clarification regarding the degree of corruption and profit-mongering involved in the American presence in Iraq. This presence is to be maintained at whatever cost necessary. The military controls the corporations that control the government. Who is the military working for? Looks like a tight little circle. Who is in charge here?
Less than half the class is her tonight. The rest of them are out trick-or-treating, or walking with their kids through the streets trying to pretend that everything is Ok. The time is drawing closer for all of We who have any sense for the Life of Blue, to gather our thoughts together for the creation of what needs to be done.
The Great Globe Gallery

Ocean Surface Topography
Dynamic Topography
Dynamic topography is a deformation of the surface of the Earth, supported by the vertical stresses at the base of the lithosphere, that are generated by flow in the mantle below.
Dynamic sea surface topography, gravity, and improved orbit accuracies from the direct evaluation of Seasat altimeter data
A gravitational model incorporating Seasalt altimetry, surface gravimetry, and satellite tracking data has been determined in terms of global spherical harmonics complete to degree and order 50. This model, PGS-3337, uses altimeter data as a dynamic observation of the satellite's height above the sea surface. A solution for the ocean's dynamic topography is recovered simultaneously with the orbit parameters, gravity, and ocean tidal terms. The recovered dynamic topography reveals the global long wavelength circulation of the oceans with a resolution of 2000 km and is very similar to the mean
upper ocean dynamic height derived from historical ship observations. The PGS-3337 geoid has an uncertainty of 60 cm rms globally but only 25 cm rms over the ocean because of the altimeter measurements. Seasat orbits determined in this solution have an estimated accuracy for the radial position of 20 cm rms. The difference between the altimeter observed sea height and the geoid plus dynamic topography model is 30 cm rms. Contained in these residuals are the sea height variability, as well as errors from the geoid, orbits, tidal models, and altimeter range measurement. This performance level is 2 to 3 times better than that achieved with previous Goddard gravitational models.

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