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picture12 Oct 2006 @ 07:37, by John Ashbaugh

In the morning,
the Rio Grande
near Pilar
between Espanola
and Taos.
What does the River know?

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12 Oct 2006 @ 15:47 by jobrown : Espanola.....
Taos.... I love Espanola!... Looked at many Properties there a few years ago.New Mexico Cow Country at its best, I would say. Spent some time "right there"; between E and T in Ojo Caliente. : ) Rio Grande.... as GRAND as the Skies (in NM, which I so like. ) can you believe that still so amny people CROSS the River, to get some Water!... They've learned nothing about the River! ; )

Have a Lovely day, koravya!
Thanks Astrid,
Driving around and camping out from time to time through
the mountains and the valleys and the canyons and along the river
is one of my ways of clearing my muddled mind.
Thanks for sharing the ambiance.
I'll bet you've got some nice places to be visiting
where you're at now too.
Keep the spirit always high.
Best always,

12 Oct 2006 @ 22:42 by swan : Hi John,
wonderful photo. It really shows the paradox of the river as I can see both power and calm at the same time. Looking at the photo brings me right back to when we visited the river together. Thanks for the memories...again.
Yep, Swan, this is that place.
And I've still got that little black pyramid, too.
The rocks are alive with our thoughts.

13 Oct 2006 @ 17:36 by swan : I wouldn't mind being there
right now. It is 20 degrees in St. Paul and we have had snow flurries and it is only Oct 13th! I still remember standing on that bridge high over the river and how powerful it felt.  

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