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picture12 Dec 2005 @ 16:04, by John Ashbaugh

There is more than one way to
induce havoc amongst the population.
The North American continent
could be reduced to a stone age like
scenario and mentality
Are you in a good place?
Financial collapse is one thing,
and destruction of the electronic infrastructure is another.
And there are others.
Let us go then, you and I.

"We are about to see a radical new type of weapon unveiled on the global stage. This weapon will not rely on explosive technology or flying aircraft. This weapon will not kill enemy troops. This weapon will not see one army invading the territory of another. No, instead this weapon will simply rely on supply and demand, the basic concepts that underpin Economics 101. This new weapon will be a financial weapon. In fact this weapon will be so powerful it will be able to inflict serious harm on the financial stability of an entire adversarial nation."
"a single nuclear weapon, delivered by a ballistic missile to an altitude of a few hundred miles over the United States, would be "capable of causing catastrophe for the nation."
How is that possible? By precipitating a lethal electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack."

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12 Dec 2005 @ 22:54 by vaxen : yes...
again, thanks, john, for bringing this to the attention of those of us who care about such things. it would be bad enough if these were the only super weapons being ''deployed'' by the insane monsters in control of the 'mass' mind but there are weapons of such horror being utilised in Iraq and other places that the thought of nuclear annihilation pales in significance...

total slavery. total...mind, body, spirit, soul. total cyborg beingness in the hands of the controllers. what a lovely thought. "...and they will pray for deaths' release in those end times (The closing of the Aeon)." ---*Pshitta (*Syriac ''New'' Testament)

"Forgive them for they know not what they do."---Yeshua Ha Notzri

I can't and won't forgive them. Your proposition? Your solution?

Comes forth now the Iranian Oil Bourse ;)  

13 Dec 2005 @ 08:57 by koravya : Solution?
Hey, Sir Vaxen, ol’ chap, all I know about where I think you’re coming from is through the stories I have read about the circus. I have paid close attention to all of those articles you provided about all of those incredible weapons of more than simply mass destruction. The dimensions of my concepts of imaginable evil have geometrically progressed, and the pit becomes fathomless. And in the midst of all this, every one of us who is aware and committed to the destruction of that evil are in no position to be showing mercy to this adversary, and it is not a question of forgiving, in this case, for it is an unconscionable beast. As surely as if an angry, wild bear were charging at us, it is either us or the wild bear, with not much room in between. (Not to be picking on any particular national symbol, mind you.)
So it is solution brainstorming time; Great.! You know there are a lot of them out there, and boy do they sound good. Forgive your enemies, and Love your neighbor, and it’s time to organize for Peace Now.! There are a lot of us out here living these words to the best of our abilities, and that does not seem to be turning the tide in any clear cut readily apparent manner. So it’s as if, to me, the waters are rising, and they will rise until they breach some levee, and the waters will inundate the floodplains, in which case the swimmers may be somewhat slightly better off than the non-swimmers, but the currents may be very swift and deep, and those who are left may be a rather random selection.
One solution might be to believe that there will be a ninety percent die-off, which leaves us with about 600 million humans, and some rather seriously compromised resources. These will generally be the people who have lived farthest from and had the least connection with the urban-electric network. The solution is to develop a frame of mind worth passing on to the next generation. There seems to be a kind of urgency in current developments in the international political and economic spheres. The stakes have increased quite measurably over, say, the last fifty years, or over, say, the last five years. 500 years? Imperialism is not a recent invention.
Those 600 million, wherever they are at, will write the new mythology, of the consciousness that shall emerge from around their campfires. If they can collectively remember the experience of the long dark night between who preceded them and where they will have come to be. . . . that is where their story will come from.
Perhaps the people of Cochabamba, Bolivia can be an inspiration, the people who put the clamps down on the privatization of their water supply.
What’s it going to take to get a sufficiently large number of people angry enough to storm the Bastille? Or perhaps, what‘s it gong to take to get a sufficiently large number of people to completely ignore the Bastille?
When does the military begin to disintegrate?  

13 Dec 2005 @ 15:11 by vaxen : There is...
a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) going on right now that has been going on for a few decades. With the DU in Iraq now reaching the rest of the world, not a single trooper there is unaffected, via the 'winds' as well as returning 'troopers' we can see that something is vastly amiss. The destruction, dis-integration, of the American military began a long time ago wit Vietnam and I dare say Korea as well as word wars one and two.

Our armed forces will basically be shape shifted into a modular force consisting of two factions: The Administration and the grunts. Policing the world for the one world order will be 'Leviathans' task. Yes, getting our own minds straight is certainly crucial. The 'mythos' if any that we will hand our children. I don't have children and won't yet am faced with the 'Logans run' possibility of carrying something (knowledge) usable away for future generations.

I think confrontation is of the utmost necessity and if you've read 'Iron Heel,' by Jack London, you can understand that we are very close to that ultimate scenario. Hegels three pronged attack on humanity: Thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis can be contemplated with alacrity and knowing the stakes of the game may insure our survival. Create, create, create...

Thanks for the link, John, and take courage, be strong, have patience and aren't alone. Creating a solution presupposes the real existence of a solution. Stir the cauldron...

Later bro.  

4 Jan 2006 @ 08:47 by jobrown : Well, well well....
quite interesting reading on one of those sites.... : ".... By precipitating a lethal electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

In 2000, concerned about EMP technology, Congress created the "Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack" (the EMP Threat Commission, for short). In its final report, presented in summer 2004, the panel warned that terrorists could indeed execute such an attack by launching a small nuclear armed missile from a freighter off the coast of the United States.
The ingredients for an EMP attack may be already within reach. Al-Qaeda is known to have a fleet of freighters.
One of those freighters could easily be outfitted with a short- range ballistic missile capable of getting a nuclear weapon to almost any point in the airspace above our country."

I don't know about you and your thinking, guys, but my red flags and all the other alarms went off instantly, when I read these lines: "In 2000, concerned about EMP technology, Congress created the "Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack" (the EMP Threat Commission, for short). In its final report, presented in summer 2004, the panel warned that terrorists could indeed execute such an attack by launching a small nuclear armed missile from a freighter off the coast of the United States."

This little piece of info should send red flags up for everyone who reads those words, I think.
Obviously this is HOW THE ELITE CROOKS have planned the destruction of America (and maybe other parts of the world as well) An' exactly WHO is going to execute their PLAN?????? I give you three guesses, heheheh ; ).... Of course, now.... Al queda is the group you are expected to pick as executors... and sure... they MIGHT be the ones who get the dubious honour, but don't count on it!.... It could be ANY AMERICAN who is "patriotic" (read: stupid) enough to follow orders blindly... and then Al queida is -only- being BLAMED for it!....

The day all the establishment's "heavy weights" are on "vacation" the same day, is the day I will head for MY underground bunker!...

Year 1900 there was ONE billion people on the Planet. After the Plague there was only 200 million scattered here an' there and the establishment then was quite scared then, that Mankind would die out -as in: go extint!!!... Didn't happen... as we all know. : )
600 million or a billion -or two... There will be those, among our six-seven billion today, who just does NOT want to be saved/save themselves... too much fun ...maybe watching a football game or one of the 'gazillion Reality Shows, who knows!...
Rest assured, those who will be of the highest good for the Planetwill be here!... -if you ask me! : )  

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