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picture16 Oct 2005 @ 12:48, by John Ashbaugh

Rain in the River Valley, night into light.
White gold sunset over the full flowing river by the cottonwood forest,
lighting the undergrowth from around the base of the great grandfather
and the three graces.
If somebody knows, then nobody’s telling,
cause it sounds like nobody knows.
Rocks tumble from the sky, peppering the landscape.
Magnetic vibrations emanate from within.
The air is full of raindrops, splattering the leaves and rocks.
Whirlwind in the night
carves the swaying stems of grass
into a sign written with the finger of symmetry.

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18 Oct 2005 @ 06:53 by koravya : Morning's Mist
Monday into Tuesday, October seventeenth into the eighteenth. Full moon, partial eclipse, little things seem to be out of sync today, hard to say for the larger things, but the Econ class tonight went well with Don and Dean and Andrea and David, with a little premeditated, preconceived, after-the–fact, spontaneous re-routing of the itinerary.
The microeconomic analysis of firms and industries has worn Dean and most of everybody else down to a frazzle, and now I’m throwing intro to macro at ‘em, so we’re gonna have pizza and a movie next week, The Corporation, a seventh inning stretch. On top of throwing another project at ‘em, they are all working at it as best they can, and deserve kind of a break, and this movie might wind up being the one thing they remember from out of this course. I’ve got to learn how much to expect out of these people, and how much I can give them and expect them to respond to. This little class may not get very far down into the length and breadth but we do rather well in the depth of the selected talking points. I kind of lay it on, and then pull back a little, and they think Ok, they can handle this, because it’s not as bad as it could have been, but then, there is this question; can they begin to approach from where they are at, the place where they thought they could not go, seeing that there is some not entirely clear connection, some pathway still shrouded in morning’s vaporous mist? Everything they need is in their hands. All they need to do is work it.

22 Oct 2005 @ 14:35 by koravya : Say what?
Friday’s night into Saturday’s morning, October twenty-first into the twenty-second. Cooling down in the dark starlight and city-light haze. Project one presentations for Group Dynamics, beginning with Sara who is reading too much and scanning her audience too little, and not going on for little more than half of her allotted time. She is, on the other hand, well poised and seemingly relaxed, and if she can just start getting a little more connected with her audience and expressing herself freely, extemporaneously, she can be an excellent presenter. She introduces Tom, whose problem is entirely similar, reading too much and not looking up enough. You know it’s in him, just on the edge of being out there, Tom’s own spontaneously spoken words about the subject that he can write so well about. Tom introduces Ray, who does a marvelous job of searching for his own words and coming up with them, very much in contact with everyone out there, a few notes to guide him along some pre-conceived plan, while essentially working his explanations out as he looked at them inside of his skull. He’s a real transmitter and he should certainly develop experience in giving presentations. Then its over to Ed for his portion of the group’s issue, and a summary conclusion. He has the reading his script too much and not looking up and connecting with his listeners enough problem also. Here’s a man with a few years behind him and a solid perspective on how to treat people and do good work, but this public speaking thing has not been of frequent occurrence. You can tell he’s got something to say and takes his subject seriously, but he’s relying too much on his script. Thoughts come out different in writing. It’s a different language. Reading aloud what has been written is different from speaking your thoughts spontaneously. Of this group, Ray is the only one who’s got it, how to do it. The other three have yet to cross that threshold. Now comes the second group. Delvan’s not here; he called in and said he had to work tonight due to some scheduling mix-up. So the others have to quickly regroup and restructure their foursome into a threesome. Jeff leads off and he’s got his own script and is following it rather closely, but he is looking up a lot and has a real good sense for everyone he is talking to. He extemporizes a little, and then gets lost or away from where he thinks he’s supposed to be, so he gets back down in his script, often having to spend a few quiet seconds searching for the spot from which he had left off. He would definitely benefit from working off of an outline. Over to Erica. She is very direct with her audience in a friendly spontaneous way, although she is nervous and unsure of herself in this role. Barely one minute into her delivery, she announces, “This is hard,” referring to the whole process of having to speak before an audience, all in her smiling, friendly, voice. “Just keep on going, you’re doing great,” is my advice, and she keeps on going for a good long time, somewhat but not overly dependent on her script. I don’t recall that being an issue so much as her use of the powerpoint. Only four slides, something to illustrate her issue, later turning it into a distraction, so I briefed her and everyone else on proper powerpoint presentation protocol, and see good potential in Erica for presentation talent. Over to Joey for the final section and conclusion, flamboyant, gregarious Joey. Give him a subject and tell him to talk and wonder when he’ll stop. Arm gestures are pronounced and assertive, but not extreme, and clearly express the dimensions of his thought as he travels through an explanation, looking for the words that convey his sense of what this is about. He doesn’t go on too long, as we all know he could, thus representing a sense of proportion. He gets a little bit carried away sometimes, and there’s just a hint of exaggeration in the presentation of various facts and their significance. Like his effusive personality is making everything just a little bit bigger than it really needs to be. Honing the intellectual discipline is an issue we can all find time to deal with.  

22 Oct 2005 @ 15:30 by swanny : Circle
Interesting observations John

Is a bit of "something" in the air
I concluded it's some kind of "crystal energy"
A Global Ocean of Crystal energy enveloping....  

24 Oct 2005 @ 20:50 by koravya : Could be
Thank you Swanney. I haven't a clue.
I just like to participate.
Love that image: Global Ocean of Crystal energy . . . .
Sunday into Monday, October twenty-third into the twenty-fourth. Weekend visit with my friends in Tularosa, two hundred and six miles to the last mile of rocky road to the new house on its acre in full view of the neighboring mountains to the East, a place for a family of kids to grow up on. The twins and the little boy and another girl on the way. This is a double-wide with a fenced in yard and another fence around its acre. The floor plan is absolutely spacious between the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the den with subtle separations between the interconnected whole. Three bedrooms and two baths. They’re going to need it. Will and I drive over to Wal-Mart with the twins to get some ready roasted chickens, and then over to their former home to clean out and box up the contents of the refrigerator and the pantry. Pretty much of a trunk full. They’ve got one more week to get completely out of here, although they’ve been pretty well moved over to their new house since the thirteenth. Between Will’s working and Raeanna’s taking care of babies and switching homes for the last two weeks, they’ve been having enough to do. Picked up a silver and turquoise ring at the roadside stand next to the Fina station at the Carrizozo crossroads. A curious look at the inviting tent; maybe something is in there I want, and maybe not; surely a few words with whoever is minding the store. Hats and blankets and sunglasses, and some few and beautifully stocked trays of jewelry, good stuff, including some marvelous thick-stoned turquoise necklaces. This is not your five-and-dime. The old fella sitting there in his folding chair behind this makeshift counter behind the trays of jewels shows me a bracelet he’s been polishing, two large polished stones laid into a heavy ornate silver setting and wrist band, for whoever has that size wrist, smaller than what I could slip on. So this was likely made in the twenties or thirties he says, and this item is worth around three thousand dollars or so. You can tell the age by the style of the craftsmanship he says, and the Indians from whom he got this told him so. So after I admire this exquisite piece, I scan the tray of rings and pick one up with a large lovely turquoise stone set in an attractive curvilinear arrangement of six small spirals around two sides of the irregular oval. It fits right on my left ring finger like it was made for it. I am not normally one for rings or jewelry for myself, but this particular ring, with its luminous rock and attractive setting and good feel was almost worth asking about. He sees the shadow of hesitation cross my brow, and says he’ll let me have it for twenty dollars. I’m not exactly an expert on this kind of stuff, but I think this is an astoundingly low price. I almost want to ask him if he’s kidding, but refrain, and look the ring over closer, examining it in detail, quickly; and clearly, something is going on here and I’m not sure what, but I agree to this transaction, knowing he must have his reasons, whatever they are, open my wallet, and give this old veteran his sale. He tells me some stories about his life as a roadside salesman of fine jewelry and hats and blankets and sunglasses. Had a serious setback not too awful long ago when someone up and stole his whole store. Now, he’s finally got himself back together with a new store and a new inventory. And so, you never know who you’re going to meet, when, where, or why, but it’s always a curious event when it occurs. That was Al Wallace. Somehow, after dinner at the table with chicken, mashed potatoes, cranberries, toast and a bottle of wine for Will and I, the story of the Lord of the Rings comes up, so the first episode of the first disk is brought out and set into motion on their computer screen for all to watch. I’ve seen this whole thing once before, but Will’s and Raeanna’s knowledge of the characters and events is much more detailed and nuanced and their commentary is enlightening as the story unfolds.

24 Oct 2005 @ 21:35 by swanny : Ah Turquoise
Turquoise there is a history there of turquoise as healing stone of sorts its seems.
Turquoise can come in different blues almost whitish to greenish.
Had some acquaintance with it myself.... a silver ring with Christian fish symbols and one of my favorite music artists, now passed on, wore a turquoise wrist band can't recall if it was left or right wrist. Yes strong native connection there too.  

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