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picture14 Sep 2005 @ 22:18, by John Ashbaugh

Here is one from Bill Moyers.
9/11 and the Sport of God
By Bill Moyers
Friday 09 September 2005

This article is adapted from Bill Moyer's address this week at Union Theological Seminary in New York, where Judith and Bill Moyers received the seminary's highest award, the Union Medal, for their contributions to faith and reason in America.

God save us from the fundamentalist agenda.

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15 Sep 2005 @ 11:23 by gea : It´s not God...
...who will save America from fundamentalists, but American citizens supporting the America that once was a dream of Humanity. :-)  

15 Sep 2005 @ 16:42 by astrid : Very few
PSYCHOPATHS operate OUTSIDE a well-established = "RESPECTED" ORGANISATION of some sort!... even all the Corp/s., Church/es and (all the different) Gov. Bodies are all ORGANISATIONS... all very well- established, highly respected... everyone of them. Am I right?

So, what do we -who don't belong to any of these orgs- need to pay attention to: the NAME of the org., OR should we -MAYBE- pay more attention to the PSYCHOPATHS? After all; without a sufficent number of members an org seices to exist!

WHAT constitutes a "Psycho"???... That's right!.. : )his/her BEHAVIOUR and ACTIONS; all as results of thoughts, ideas, ideologies and MOST of all their aching PSYCHE, due to painful EMOTIONS, BUT LACK OF joyful FEELINGS. Emotions and Feelings are NOT the same thing, though people like to pretend they are.
But lack of FEELING also equates DOWNPLAYING of one's CONSCIENCE while OVERplaying (the validity and importance ) of the Org's own "Science"; today pretty much all that science is collected under Wings of the Mother -or- Umbrella-Organisation for all these orgs: the (so called ) "Establishment".
The Establishment's "science" is bigger and better than LIFE Itself, and its mission is indeed to REPLACE NATURE = Life/"God" COMPLETELY ASAP!!!

Behaviour/actions ideologies and most of all, EMOTIONS; all have their origin in HOW THE POOR BASTARD FEELS ABOUT HIM/HERSELF!... and in fact was made in his /her EARLIEST childhood to feel about him/herself by NON-UNDERSTANDING PARENTS; non-loving -by default, most of the time, because they in their turn were equally severely abused as young..... for how many generations???..... well, your guess etc.

As long as we, who are not so affected (anylonger), by this emotional/ mental =Spiritual illness, refuse to see and understand this, we're SUPPORTING the Psychos, thus consenting to our own destruction b'cause EVERY FUNDAMENTALIST HAS THE SAME BOTTOMLINE CORE-BELIEF: DESTROY EVERYTHING (and everyone) OUTSIDE (of) YOU/R ORG including -and in many cases: first and foremost- NATURE!... In fact; destroy anything & anyone that is not made by Man preferably your own group of Psychos! THIS is what EVERY GOOD Psycho believes and lives by!

That they would be so "nice" as to take the "Sacred Texts" by face- value/literally is a STUPID LIE as well. They take literally ONLY WHAT JUSTIFES THIS SICK DESTRUCTION-BEHAVIOUR!
But ANYTHING in these "sacred texts" that even -ever so gently- ALLUDE to any personal accountability or Ethics, is discarded by the Psychos -as if it didn't even exist in the Texts they read/use!!!...

WHAT DOES IT TAKE for the not quite as infected part of MAnkind ( read my latest post) TO WAKE UP and smell the coffee?
No... if Tombstones "did" it.... the s--- would be already dealt with in a life supporting fashion!
So, consequently it has to be some other Remedy... WHAT COULD THAT BE?
Moyer's doubletalk???.... I don't think so... He is after all a 33 degree Mason/Iluminati member as well as a CFR member!...
His mission is to satisfy any Dissents with just ever so much dissent as to keep these disturbing elements happy, believing that the Press /Media and Democracy is all open and that our Society works as a free and open!... Hmmmm
This is why you always find that odd little "twang"-taste or totally ill-logic twist in his articles, that un-does almost all he "gave" you in his previous sentences/and articles... this one is no exeption.... if you read it with YOUR Logic clear and focused!
Hey, don't get me wrong, I DO like Bill Moyers a lot! He is after all the Nr ONE Guy, to give voice to the Big Boys' Give n' Take Game: " you gotta giiiive a little to take a liiitle" -isn't that what the Song tells us!... -as long as the TAKE ( always ) remains bigger and more than the GIVE!
Bill M. does his job really well and portrays a very pleasant, likable guy!

Could there indeed exist SOMETHING that would enable healing of these Minds/Emotional Bodies; "souls", of these people -as in fact of all people? I believe so: To learn that RESPONSE-ABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY are TWO DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE SAME COIN, so to speak, hence NOT QUITE the same!... Our RESPONSE-Ability ( to all LIFE's Goodness, that we can ever want for our selves WITHOUT hurting anybody /thing, which is the Big TRICK in/of Life! ) is directly proportional to how much we accept ACCOUNTABILITY for all those things, that "went wrong" in our life, to begin with!!!... even if it wasn't US who did it to us!
THIS is the "place" where we start to acknowledge (the Power of) "yes" or "no".... where we stop finding any more justifications (for all the wrong -life denying- behaviour, of ours').
..."yes, I did that" without justifying this "that" with things forced upon us by anyone outside of us. Now, we can start looking for a better way of doing this particular "that" in a more Life supporting way. Like Good Old Bucky said: "You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete." (Buckminster Fuller)

FORGET ALL THE ORG's TEACHINGS!!!... THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE WE INDEED ACCEPT just that: to forget all the nonsense "teachings" and instead start to follow our own Heart = our sc. "Common Sense" .

THANKS, Koravya for this very important article! Guttae cavate Lapidum....etc.  

21 Sep 2005 @ 19:43 by vaxen : We must...
rise above the din of the 'clashing rocks' and sail our ships right on through the straights paying no heed to the sirens that lure us...onwards, then, to yolchis with the fleece the color of gold and stories greater than the myriads of stars that vanish as the sun comes into view at the spinning of our world.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 04:48 by koravya : Si Senor
from Across the Desert between the setting Sun
and the Moon rising, horizon to horizon,
between the flames slicing
through the bark of the old burning skull,
wafting swirls of smoke into the slowly drifting cloud,
and the sound in those stars.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 05:51 by astrid : Yeahhh, Koravya,
what you're showing here in your /William Greene('s article/comment would definitely fit the bill, just like you say: suggest for "... makings of an exciting weekend in Washington coming up." Hmmmmm... Do we dare to listen to any News???.... : 0
Have a Good Day, friend! : )  

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