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picture8 Sep 2005 @ 17:55, by John Ashbaugh

First By the Floods, Then By Martial Law
Trapped in New Orleans
Two days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Walgreens store at the corner of Royal and Iberville Streets in the city's historic French Quarter remained locked. The dairy display case was clearly visible through the widows. It was now 48 hours without electricity, running water, plumbing, and the milk, yogurt, and cheeses were beginning to spoil in the 90-degree heat.
The owners and managers had locked up the food, water, pampers and prescriptions, and fled the city. Outside Walgreens' windows, residents and tourists grew increasingly thirsty and hungry. The much-promised federal, state and local aid never materialized, and the windows at Walgreens gave way to the looters.

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11 Sep 2005 @ 08:11 by jazzolog : Update On This
Dana sent this report out Thursday night, but referenced this source~~~ . The site serves as a news and message board for emergency medical serviceworkers. As you can see, initially they put a bit of distance between themselves and the account of 2 workers who happened to be in New Orleans for an EMS conference(!). They refer questions to 2 other sites with which the authors apparently are connected. By Friday blogs all over the Internet were carrying the item. I know this because I spent an hour Googling Bradshaw and Slonsky...and looking for any eyewitness accounts of police firing upon refugees to keep them on "the wrong side of the tracks." This morning is carrying 2 other reports that say there is confirmation police turned back the group~~~ and .

At the same time we hear now the private "contractors" have arrived in New Orleans . Blackwater (lovely name to represent our government's "relief" effort, and it has such a charming connotation for those of us in Appalachian mining regions: a song comes to mind) is the same gang that protects Halliburton in Iraq. A similar government had its Blackshirts.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 09:39 by jstarrs : Here's an excellent Photo Journal
from a guy who worked at one of the hotels in NO.
A must see.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 10:50 by jazzolog : Having Trouble Jeff
Do I need a password or something for that link?  

11 Sep 2005 @ 17:21 by koravya : Photo Journal
Works for me.
Beautiful, in some places.
Awesome throughout.
Just hit the little orange arrow button
for a picture by picture sequence.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 17:22 by bushman : Other stories
Unsubstantuated Reports, of an millitary underwater explovies residue and burnt concreet, suposedly some civilians saw DOD people plant these expolsives, and a couple other people got a sample of the concreet levey wall, and confirmed C4 mix, only available thru the US millitary, this story is halfway substnuated, by quite a few witnesses of DOD activities. Say Jazz, you need to make sure your java script is enabled to view the slideshow. :}
This is still unconfirmed:

11 Sep 2005 @ 17:38 by jazzolog : I Think My Dialup Just Can't Handle It
or maybe there's a bird sittin' on a wire.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 18:30 by jstarrs : tweet tweet!
;0) shame - keep the link - it's really good.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 01:57 by koravya : Pieces
of the puzzle,
adding up.
Thanks Bushman.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 16:10 by bushman : Here's some quotes.
I thought this one took the cake. :}

13) "There are a lot of lessons we want to learn out of this process in terms of what works.
I think we are in fact on our way to getting on top of the whole Katrina exercise." –Vice President Dick Cheney, Sept. 10, 2005



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