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picture23 Mar 2005 @ 08:07, by John Ashbaugh

All forms of communication which rely on electricity are null and void. All cell phones are in off mode, permanently. The internet is down. The ice is melting and sea currents and wind currents are going through a realignment. Deserts will become forests and forests will become deserts. Gene pools will migrate and intermarry, and the civilization we have seen will become a story. There is some debris on the moon from the time we once visited. The steps of the pyramid lead to the sacrificial platform where one throbbing heart is opened to the sky, is opened to the sun. The journey is through the galaxy in the belt of Orion to where we are our other selves, our other self. The flesh of the planet shall prevail and the machine of imprisonment will be shut down. We who have been born into it are its progeny. As befalls the source of our being, so shall become her children.

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23 Mar 2005 @ 16:52 by vaxen : Yeah!
In the bowels of Earth Mother we live! Ever hear of the 'Green Net?' It was the 'original 'inter-net.' The present 'net' is more like 'intern-net' to me. Thou doth wax poetic. Thanks Koravya.  

24 Mar 2005 @ 00:37 by astrid : "... Thy Kingdom Come....
Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It IS In Heaven!... For Tine Is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for Eterenity"  

26 Mar 2005 @ 21:48 by koravya : Thanks for your thoughts
Thanks for the reference to Green Net.
Thanks for the prayer.
Every once in a while, some little bubble of thought
comes through that feels like it wants to be written down,
and shared, and I'm thankful for the place to share it.

4 Mar 2016 @ 00:15 by linying @ : Ete  

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