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picture25 Nov 2004 @ 17:31, by John Ashbaugh

Text excerpted from a recent interview with Mike Ruppert.
Overall article covers various contemporary issues.
All of we folks who live in cities and are ecoonomically linked to the system need to be thinking about alternatives.

Peak Oil, Stolen Elections, Energy Wars
An Interview with Michael Ruppert
by Tod Foley and Ronnie Pontiac

Newtopia: You say how we use our money can do more to change things than our votes can, especially now that Diebold and the other Republican information technology companies control vote counting. You advise Americans to become debt free. To create self sufficient local communities, both as a way of transforming the prevailing oligarchy, and as our best chance for surviving the economic disaster of oil depletion. You expect an economic crash next year. What is the recourse of the American People now? Is it time for liberal thinkers to abandon ship and head elsewhere? Will America become China's world police in a permanently divided society of the very poor and the very rich?

MR: You have the wrong perspective on China altogether. Globalization is dead, d-e-a-d. It is based upon shipping raw materials and finished goods all over the planet. Hence we have 10,000 mile Caesar salads; tin and aluminum packaging that travel 20,000 miles from mining to manufacture to store; Chilean strawberries in Los Angeles markets instead of those grown right here in California. All of that is made possible by cheap oil. Some 60-70% of all petroleum energy is used for transportation. That's another reason why local solutions are inevitable. Rising transportation costs will kill globalization and outsourcing for anything other than information services and data processing.

Liberal thinkers must stop chewing on bones that have no meat on them. They must be as ruthless in evaluating the return they get for their own investments in terms of time, energy and money (all the same thing, really) as the bad guys are. The question to ask is: Has this tactic ever produced any real change in the political landscape?

Newtopia: What are your own plans for the future? You recently mentioned you are about to purchase your first home, I'm guessing it won't be near your current HQ, here in southern California area, perhaps the most oil dependent of all cities.

MR: I am waiting for the housing bubble to collapse next year, as it certainly will. Secondly, FTW's following is so large now that if I publicize the destination or area in advance a lot of people will get there before I can move my company. And not all of them would be friendly. What is imperative is that I relocate FTW to a rural or semi-rural area so that we can (with funding we are hoping to raise in the next six months) begin to explore various survival options in a real test-bed and begin to provide that life-saving information to our subscribers. I have an area in mind but am not disclosing it now.

If people are asking about priorities in selection of areas to move to I offer the following:

Access to fresh water;
Arable land;
Lumber for construction and heating;
Low population density;
A friendly and supportive local community.

Obviously 6.5 billion people will not be able to find such a place. The math doesn't work. Seeing that opens the door of consciousness to the real problems of Peak Oil and why it is so imperative to put it squarely on the world’s agenda as quickly as possible. Otherwise, as so many Peak Oil activists believe, things are going to get very messy. Population control and compelling a reduction in consumption/energy usage are the main problems. I do not have any plan for how this should be accomplished. I do have some ideas about the ethical/moral/spiritual standards that I would like to see injected into the process but that is not for me to dictate to anyone. That is a problem for the human race as a (real) whole.

What I am absolutely certain of is that Dick Cheney, the Bushes, the Clintons and the Rockefellers do have population reduction plans and that ethics, morality and spirituality are not involved in any of them.

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25 Nov 2004 @ 17:58 by astrid : Just a quick ....
.....acknowledgement.... THANKS John! Imho, THIS is one of the major topics we here on NCN "need" to focus on. I'll get back with a "better" comment after the Obligatory Family Turkey'ing...
Everybody, enjoy your day!


This subject is whatI was originally hoping to have talks about, when I entered NCN much more about, than turned out to be the case....
The NAME " New Civilis.Netw. sure implied for such a possibility: like people's "Real life stories HOW d they did the transition from the MainstreamMadness to The New Sustainable Living out in the Woods in a loving Community of Like Minded..... Yeah, I know.... I will now exit from here and I will find a web, that actually does do just that....

I am so grateful for all loving, caring and intelligent friends I met - and thus still have- but there are elements, that are just too oppressive in too many ways on NCN... Now I do understand why so many choose to just discreetly disappear from NCN --WHAT a MICROCOSM of the Bigger VERSION Madness...
You are one of my most treasured friends, John. Stay in touch, eh? : )
w/Love / Astrid  

26 Nov 2004 @ 04:49 by skookum : I could do my job entirely at home
with computer and phone. Imagine.. what commuting at all was necessary  

4 Mar 2016 @ 00:57 by linying @ : Ete  

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