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picture10 Oct 2004 @ 19:19, by John Ashbaugh

The wall calendar in my kitchen says
that October 11, 2004 is Indigenous Peoples' Day.
All My Relations.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

When the Belgian Defence Ministry earlier this year blamed North America for the world's worst ever genocide over its killing of millions of indigenous peoples, outrage at the claim spotlighted a topic that rarely enters the public realm but has long been accepted by many native Americans and their supporters.

Nonviolent Direct Action Camp
October 5th - 15th, 2002

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14 Oct 2004 @ 01:31 by astrid : John, did you...
go to any Events? And if you did, would you like to tell us all what transpired there? I would love to hear from one or another Gathering around this Native / Indigenous People theme. The INVADERS' Children does not seem to understand that they all do have a debt to pay here and an unfathomable INJUSTICE to correct!.... If America/ns don't do it by choise, it will be re-balanced by the Cosmic Scales!...  

18 Oct 2004 @ 03:50 by koravya : Last Monday
was a very rainy day in the central Rio Grande valley,
and I took a drive north to Santa Fe
putting my windshield wipers to their test,
then drove back down south on the other side
of the Sandia mountain range, on a road called
the Turquoise Trail, which ran from Santa Fe
to Mexico City in the old Spanish days,
and surely before.
Rain was a little bit lighter
but nonetheless persistent.
Visited the grounds of an old Adobe church
on a hill at the side of the road.
Circle the mountain,
and say a prayer for all of us.
A good rainy day.
Thanks for asking.

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