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picture9 Aug 2004 @ 21:41, by John Ashbaugh

International Indigenous People's Day
"Tomorrow- August 9, the world celebrates International Indigenous People's Day. Yearly rituals of this kind have so far not produced any marked improvements in the life of the world's indigenous peoples, many of them early settlers. Even the UN Decade of Indigenous People has been a failure. There is now a call to declare another decade.
Colonialism and the advancement of capitalism were the cause of the plunder of their wealth and the uprooting of them from their native soils.
Today they are being further marginalized and their cultures are threatened with extinction under fast-track globalization.
A global effort is required to preserve the economy and culture of these peoples. It is especially important to preserve and improve on the vast body of traditional knowledge they possess.
They are also the guardians of rich bio-diversity in their habitats. It is also necessary to prevent these habitats from commercial exploitation by multinationals in the name of development.
Governments should undertake programs that could integrate these peoples into their societies while preserving their economy and culture and guaranteeing them unhindered rights to their lands and ways of living."
Bangladesh tribes march for rights

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16 Aug 2004 @ 01:12 by ov : Ward Churchill
Last Sunday I saw Ward Churchill, keynote speaker at the {|Under The Volcano Festival} here in Vanouver. This was the the 15th year for this annual event which brings together a crowd of 8000 people to listen to activist oriented music and workshops.

{|Ward Churchill}, Keetoowah Band Cherokke, outspoken Native American activist, university professor at the University of Colorado, and author or editor of more than twenty books brought up 14,700 hits on the google search. This is a recent interview, {|Dismantling the Politics of Comfort}. The following is a couple of sentences I copied down at the festival and he said a lot more than this but I was transfixed by his verging on the rapp rhetorical style and spent most of my time listening rather than transcribing.

"Need to look back to where you were before you can know where you are and if you don't know where you are there is no way you will get to where you think you want to go."

"What's happening isn't new, it's the same old same old, conquered, subjegated, subordinated, colonized."

"Globalism is imperialism"

"U.S. off the planet and take Canada with you when it goes."

"Not revolution but devolution from the inside out."

"Rage Against The Machine said it well, what better place than here, what better time than now, let's get to it."

John, I first read this article of yours a week ago and I can't remember what was happening that I didn't write this comment then, but heh, better late than never, aeh.  

29 Sep 2004 @ 03:25 by astrid : Very difficult subject, indeed.....
Of course all Indigenous People should have (had) the right throughout History to be what they were and evolve in their own pace and in a direction chosen by them!!!.... It didn't happen that way since the Biblical FLOOD a thousand or two after the the big cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis on the other side of the pool.
Man has "always" been cruel to Man.And eventually the cruelty came here to all of Americas.

NO government action will ever do what you ( and many of us with you ) want them to do! How could they? You cannot change or solve a problem with the SAME consciousness that created it in the first place!
This is exactly why trying to bring forth ANY embetterment for Mankind BY the "Accepted Methods" and put in place BY the very perpetrators ("The System"/The Establishment) can NEVER bring any lasting TRUE forward movement for Mankind, let alone the Indigenous People of the Planet!
It all has to come to pass as a result of Growth FromWithin in enough great number of people, to the point where we have enough people thinking/acting in a certain NEW Way to become The Commonly "Accepted Way the Norm, "by default", so to speak.

EVERYONE of us is needed to take charge of our own lives; 180 degrees away from the establishment, that is where we each will find our own TRUE Selves; "I'm ME"-identities, whether we are a "Sophisticated Lady" or an indigenous Mr/Mrs "Nobody"; we will find our own Genuine "ME" 180 degrees away from Establishment's Norms/social labels.People are so attached to these Label-identities of their's!!!.... even Indigenous people are... The more our identity is Group-Identity, the furhter away from ourselves we are! But so many people still find (solace of) identity only from the Outside(roles given to them by establishment, family, nation,you name it!)
EVERYONE of us needs to understand and WANT to find nobody but own Me;s and follow that Prompting from Within and be true to it and "just do it" = create our OWN Lives without asking the establishment's permission/"blessing" and ( then ) tell the Indigenous People to do the same.
Do we really need government's permission/blessing to take charge of our own health, for instance, or to school our own kids, or to tell us what religion is better than the others???...and on and on....
But how many do you think, John, really has the Strength of Character and true impetus, when the Inertia (-or is it Fear?...)from all the convenience/s is holding us down and we choose to see the Modern Life as so neat.....'n' full of Toys 'n'Everything!!??....

Yet there are Prophesies among the Indigenous Peoples, telling about a (NEW) HEAVEN on EARTH-time, in a not so distant time from now. Read "Return Of The Children Of LIGHT. Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World" by Judith Bluestone Polich. That book has brought me more comfort and hope and inspiration than anything else on Earth!
w/Love/ A-d  

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