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picture29 May 2004 @ 11:08, by John Ashbaugh

Mayan New year: wajxaqib' b'atz' on friday, may 28th
>Wajxaqib' B'atz' is celebrated as the "Mayan New Year" or the beginning of
>the Cholq'ij calendar by Native Mayan communities throughout Mesoamerica.
>This event occurs every 260 days, or roughly nine months. It is a day when
>ceremonies are held and prayers are made for good things to happen over the
>course of the next 260 days. Wajxaqib' is the number 8 in Kiche and is the
>force of spirituality. B'atz' is the energy of a new cycle, the couple and
>also spirituality. On this day, fires will be lit throughout the region
>with prayers and celebrations being made by the communities. There is
>actually a period of some days prior to this of spiritual preparation made
>by the peoples. You can visit the photo gallery on
> to view images from a Mayan New Year celebration
>in Chichicastenango, Guatemala in 2002.
As the transit of

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29 May 2004 @ 13:29 by vaxen : thanks...
John. In Lak Ech.  

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