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picture25 Jan 2004 @ 18:31, by John Ashbaugh

Interestingly enough,
Rapa Nui – Easter Island in the South Pacific
is on almost exactly the opposite side of the globe
from the sites in present day Pakistan of
the ancient cities Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.
Easter Island is at 27.07 S and 109.22 W.
Mohenjo Daro is near present day Khairpur at 27.32 N and 68.46 E
Harappa is near present day Kamalia at 30.44 N and 72.39 E

South Pacific
Few are aware that a full-size, Mayan-like ziggurat pyramid was once on the island of Tonga-tabu, that stepped ceremonial platforms still dot the Marianna and Marquesas Islands, that Tonga is home to an enigmatic megalithic archway, that the Komowin Wall of New Zealand is actually a ziggurat pyramid, that Nan Modol is the Venice of the Pacific, and that the undecipherable 'talking boards' of Easter Island are most similar to texts found in the ancient Indus Valley. These are but a few of hundreds of archaeological mysteries and uncanny cultural connections to be found in and around the South Pacific realm.The mysteries of the South Pacific have been kept secret due in part to their isolated locations. Only in recent years has travel to such remote places been feasible and affordable. Yet, despite modern travel conveniences, precious few archaeologists have ventured into this unexplored realm of mystery and intrigue; and the islands of the South Pacific still remain keepers of an ancient knowledge.
There is still much conventional archaeology to be done in the South Pacific. Certainly sites should be excavated, surveyed, mapped, and dated. However, following the premise offered by modern paleo-climatological truths, there is another approach to South Pacific island research that has never been tried - underwater archaeology.
We now conclusively know that world-wide sea levels were as much as 500 feet lower during the glacial maximum of 12,000 BC. If there were civilizations, and the evidence indicates there were, living on the South Pacific islands at such a time, their remains may lie just below the surface of the water. The mysterious origins of humanity may be old news to the sea mammals and fish of the South Pacific reefs and coral beds.
The Untold Mysteries of Easter Island
Few people are aware of the real history of Easter Island.
When Captain Roggeveen of the Dutch West Indian Company first landed on Easter Island in 1722, isolated in the deep Pacific, he found two populations of people - a red-haired, fair-skinned people with long-ears, and a darker Polynesian stock with smaller ears. According to their oral tradition, the fair-skinned people had first populated the island long ago, long before the arrival of the Polynesians. The 'Long Ears' oral tradition explained the they had inhabited the island prior to a devastating flood. At that time, Easter Island had been considerably larger they said. When the ocean waters continued to rise, the few Longs Ears who survived the deluge sought refuge on the mountain tops which became the island of Rapa Nui, or the 'Navel of the World'.
It was here they began to sculpt the Giant Heads or 'Moai' in dedication to their perished relatives and ancestors who died in the flood.
Do ancient ruins lie off Easter Island's shoreline, waiting to be located by underwater archaeologists?
In Brazil, a distinguished professor of anthropology at Sao Paulo University, Dr. Walter Neves, has made some startling revelations. An ancient skeleton he has been studying named 'Luzia' resembles the ancient people of the South Pacific and Australia. He believes these ancient people immigrated across the South Pacific during the last ice age, when the sea levels were lower.
Does Walter Neves' skeletons explain the similarities between Easter Island and the ancient Inca culture? Were the ancient 'Long-ears' the survivors of the Biblical flood? Were the Long Ears of the same culture who colonized Peru and were known by the Inca's as the Viracochas?
Where did the Long Ears come from? The scientist/adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl, believed from Peru, but could it have been the other way around? It is a scientific fact that the Polynesians did not have a written language. However, Easter Island's Long Ears held sacred what they called the 'Talking Boards'.
The sacred stone planks still exists and bear an undecipherable text most similar to the ancient script of the Indus Valley. Did the Longs Ears stop on Easter Island while making their way to South America from ancient Sumeria?
There is much more to be learned about the mysterious Easter Island...

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10 Jul 2004 @ 06:38 by maxtobin : Humm?
The Kaimanuwa Wall sounds like the one mentioned in New Zealand. It is not discussed by the press as it raises more questions than it answers.
In New Zealand there is a recently recorded 'Histories of the Nations' (Barry Brailsford Stoneprint press) which has been gifted to the peoples of the future by the holders of the vision. These are the Waitaha Peoples who have an oral tradition of 67 generations, they are the peace keepers and had held the vision of love in community for us to inherit in this the sacred now. The peoples of Polynesia travelled and traded often and tried to make the journies at least once in three generations (for obvious reasons). The blood lines link the "royals" from New Zealand through to Tahiti. The entire series of books written by Brailsford hold a wisdom and a key to understanding a history that has been largely over looked (some say activly suppressed and distorted) it indicates a knowledge of the world which is a little disturbing to the modern "flatearth theorists".  

27 Dec 2004 @ 20:40 by Nestlie @ : ziggurat
I went onto this site so that I could see what tools I need to make a sculpture
of ziggurat. But no you tell me about ziggurat which is actullay false adcertising.  

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