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picture23 Nov 2003 @ 17:13, by John Ashbaugh

A drawing from the template of the inner circle
of the Aztec calendar stone.
"Although the Aztec Sun Calendar
appears to be very complex, it's made
from a number of simple elements. More
than anything, the Calendar is about
motion, or movement. The glyph for
movement is called Ollin (Oh-LEEN),
and forms the center of the Calendar.
It's made from the face of the Sun,
whose name is Tonatiuh (Toh-NAH-tyoo),
his hands, and the symbols of the
four Nahui (NAH-wee), or Ages of the Suns.
Tonatiuh wears a jade necklace, tipped
by eagle feathers, and a large jewel, which
is one of five jewels surrounding him in the
center of the Calendar. Above his head is
the tip of the SOLAR DART. The center of the
Calendar can be seen as a SOLAR DART, or
ray of light. It's also sometimes described
as the SOLAR EAGLE."
In this colored drawing,
the face of Tonatiuh, the Sun,
is left out of the centermost circle.

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24 Nov 2003 @ 03:47 by swan : *smile*
Thanks, John. The eagle is a symbol for the sun in Mexika.  

4 Dec 2015 @ 08:48 by wengdongdong @ : wengdongdong

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