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picture5 Sep 2003 @ 09:20, by John Ashbaugh

Measuring our planet.
And the pathways of the stars. Visit the wisdom of the Elder Brothers. the Kogi who live in the mountains of Colombia. [link] Spend some time in a cave,
before venturing forth to see and to speak.

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6 Sep 2003 @ 05:00 by swan : Fascinating link
Indigenous wisdom contains deep truths.

"Some say they have moved beyond verbal language, using tones to create colorful images in their minds rather than thoughts expressed as sentences. Some Kogi speak telepathically to each other.

Much like other ancient tribal civilizations, that still exist on the planet, they believe themselves to be the custodians of the planet Earth here to keep things in balance. They achieve this through meditation wherein they communicate with all living things on the planet - humans, animals, plants, rock, etc. "

The Kogi believe that the earth is being distroyed by the miss use of consciousness, that is so true.  

17 Sep 2003 @ 10:52 by ovular : kogi tribe
This a very sobering article, interesting and saddening at the same time.  

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