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picture31 Jul 2003 @ 09:01, by John Ashbaugh

The other side of the Coin.
Iceland at the Center.
Maybe somebody should invent
a new kind of money.
Call it the Earth-dollar.
Create coins with the image of
hemispheric continents on
opposite sides.
Go ahead and even print
Earth-dollars on pieces of paper.
The only thing that is needed to make a monetary system work
is Fiat, the trust between the participants in the system.
The central bank of the Earth-dollar system will issue the currency. The counterpart of current lending systems will operate without Interest. Such rates will cease to be a factor in the modus operendi. All the participants have to do is participate in good Faith, and the existing global monetary matrix will be faced with a competitive rival.
No telling what it will try to do to maintain hegenomy.
Anyway, the Earth is turning through another Day.
Give it the best of who you are.

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31 Jul 2003 @ 11:31 by swan : Released from the dance
of the Money God
moving toward financial freedom.
One step at a time
releasing the grip
of this material illusion.
And another beautiful day
blesses us with the gift of freedom
if we choose.  

31 Jul 2003 @ 16:06 by sharie : okay you be the bank
You be the central bank of the Earth dollar. Issue dollars according to your skills as an artist, poet, teacher, etc., etc., then offer the dollars to the merchant (some you know to start with) in lieu of the common green paper. So when your grocer whats some artwork, a poem, or a lesson, he or she will give you back your Earth dollar and everybody's happy.

Why does there need to be a central bank... why don't we all simply issue our own Earth dollars (to be exchanged for our own specialized gifts & services)... in other words, we each create our own unique Earth dollars and offer them in lieu of the green paper money, and then accept our Earth dollars when someone wants a gift or service from us. Little by little we incorporate Earth dollars issued by more and more people in our social circle (people we know) then eventually we'll all have so many Earth dollars, ideally we'll all have homes and edible gardens by this time so that we're all relatively self-sufficient, then we'll all figure we might as well ditch the dollars and switch to a gift economy, where we freely give whatever excess we have.  

1 Aug 2003 @ 09:16 by koravya : Absolutely Beautiful
It's Time to start spending ourselves.  

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