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picture28 Feb 2003 @ 22:21, by John Ashbaugh

Listening to the music of Enya right now.
Looking at this picture I drew in early ‘78.
Just look at the black and white lines.
If you look at the Aztec calendar stone
Within the circle of days,
You see a quadrant.
The template for the quadrant
Consists of two rectangles,
Each in the ratio of two to one,
Meeting corner to corner.
In the center is the face of the Sun,
From his open mouth,
His tongue bears the symbol of
The Obsidian sacrificial knife.
The tongue is the Knife.

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1 Mar 2003 @ 09:50 by shawa : John, I like...
...your pictures! :-)  

1 Mar 2003 @ 10:28 by swan : I like the way you take the ancient
concepts deeper by superimposing them over the landscape.

Within the circle the sun begins to enter
as the inner circle rests on the horizon
the sun of the symbol draws in the sun in the landscape
creating a depth of meaning.
Does it swallow the old sun to bring in the new
or are they uniting to create a new..............
Only union will bring about balance.
A Day Without Rain..Wild Child..Only Time  

4 Mar 2003 @ 21:54 by koravya : Very Nice Reading
Seeing movement in this arrangement of colors and lines.
Of course, depending on how you look at this,
we may be looking at a sunrise of a sunset.
Whichever way it is going,
a depth of meaning is there,
connecting the real world of earth, air, fire,and water,
with the symbols and interpretations of it
that our mind creates.  

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