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picture2 Jan 2003 @ 18:23, by John Ashbaugh

Within the Circle of Days,
Is a quadrilateral design.
Four squares arranged,
Around the face of the Sun, Tonatiuh.

Each of the four squares
Contains the iconographic representation
Of one of the four previous ages of Humanity.
Those figures are not depicted here.

Also within each of those four squares
Are four little circles,
I call them counting dots.
There are many of these dots
In various places throughout
the overall design of the calendar stone.

In three of the squares,
There is one dot in each corner.
In one square,
The arrangement of dots is asymmetrical.

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3 Jan 2003 @ 04:05 by swan : Do you know why the dots
are asymmetrical in the fourth square, John?
I like what you have done with color in the calendar images.  

14 Jan 2003 @ 00:13 by koravya : The source of Movement
Some years ago, August of 1972 to be exact,
I made a pilgrimageĀ–visit to the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Reservation
in southwest South Dakota. At a local trading post,
I bought a beadwork mandala about three inches in diameter, to be worn as a necklace, the mandala over the heart. I remember it as bright yellow with an eight pointed star in the center. I would call it a sun mandala. The yellow remains vivid in memory. I remember passing it on to my younger sister, and she may have passed it on to someone else. Things like that have a life of their own, and one only needs place them in circulation so that they may find where they need to be.
I have no need to worry that it may have been lost to the point of destruction, for the life force that they project has a way of finding where it belongs with someone who recognizes and takes care of what it projects.
Somewhere along the line, I had been told that the Native American
Intentionally introduces an element of imperfection into a work of art,
because nothing in the universe is perfect, so that a proper reflection of the universe should contain an element of imperfection.
Hanging from the intricate beadwork of the mandala were several small tassels, single strings of about 13 beads each. I counted the beads on each of the tassels, and sure enough, all had the same number of beads except for one tassel which had one less bead that the others.
Going back to the design of the Aztec calendar stone, here is a variation in the pattern of balance. Recall the source of movement. Anything that is perfectly balanced, say your grandfather clock with pendulum at rest, is dead. The source of movement, and in a larger context, the source of life itself, in all of the choices that it must make in its growing process, is in the element of imbalance.
Here we have a calendar. Time moves. Why?  

14 Jan 2003 @ 05:10 by swan : I should have realized that.
Many years ago I read the same thing about beadwork and imperfection. It struck me deeply at the time. I used to be so cautious about my work being perfect. After I read that, when ever I made what I felt to be a "mistake" in a piece I was working on, I knew that was the place that Spirit had just entered. There are no mistakes in the creative process. Thank you for reminding me, John.

"Handmade work is'nt expected to be perfect. If what you create looks machine-made, there is no point in handcrafts. You must learn from the beginning to leave the mark of the craftsman on your work. The imperfections are the very things that make your work unique." ( I copied that in 1979, on a piece of parchment)  

14 Jan 2003 @ 07:48 by martha : imperfections
Yes it is the imperfections which create uniqueness.
I have read in many quilt books referencing the fact that quilters use to leave one of the patches wrong in a quilt because nothing is perfect. Some thought it brought luck. Interesting how this theme of perfection is entwined in many areas. We have a society obsessed with the idea. Seems like an extreme sometimes, either it is perfect or it isn't and therefore no good!!!  

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