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 Beginning a Series of Drawings from the Past3 comments
picture12 Nov 2002 @ 23:20, by John Ashbaugh

The New Civilization is as ancient as you can imagine.
Rooted in our expression of Love without Fear.
The flowering of civilization issues from this Source.
The journey to Venus – Quetzalcoatl is close to our Heart.
Quetzalcoatl is the Wind
With all of its unpredictability
And the planet Venus
As She travels through the regularity of her synodic period.
She is the force which binds two hearts together
Regardless of their distance.
The New Civilization is a labyrinth
Of aesthetically intertwined
Expressions of creativity, insight, and sharing.
In sharing my fragment,
Throwing it into the swirling, cascading waters
Flowing through this blossoming labyrinth,
My creative instinct is nurtured
As the past disappears and the future emerges.

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15 Nov 2002 @ 02:41 by swan : In alignment with Venus,
we connect with the Heart
As she rises so do we.
As she enters the underworld
we follow, only to rise again renewed.
In the morning she is there
like a beacon on this journey.  

15 Nov 2002 @ 06:28 by shawa : Just so.
So glad to read you, Venusian Friends... :-)  

22 Nov 2002 @ 02:15 by ashanti : Thank you so much!
Yes, the "new" civilization is ancient. Thank you for reviving this powerfully beautiful wisdom for us, and thank you for your Art, and blessing us with it.  

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