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picture30 Oct 2002 @ 22:37, by John Ashbaugh

The Rock and the Sky
are the children of Fire and Water.
Life is the breath between Rock and the Sky,
burning the fire of the Blue flame
within our Heart.
Rock is the film between fire and water.
Rock comes alive through the touch
of whom through a chisel
sees the carved stone face.
The Voice through the Rock
is for We who Listen and Speak
around Rock given life through the chisel.
Of the Wind, the Rock, the Tree, and the Lake:
The Tree is a fire burning the Rock.
The Wind is the knife which cuts down the Tree.
The Lake is the pool into which the Rock falls.
The Sound is for We who know Listen and Speech.
Climb the cliff and listen to hawk soaring
through the valley over the Lake.
Hawk carries a message
from the room in the cliff on one side of the lake,
to the room in the cliff on the other side.
The light of Sun on feather of the hawk,
may be called Hawk Feather through the Wind,
the Sound of the Message.


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31 Oct 2002 @ 06:12 by swan : John, I am particularily fond of this
beautiful piece. It is so full of metaphor and mystery.  

31 Oct 2002 @ 07:09 by martha : thanks
Just to let you know I have been enjoying your poems and pictures. One question which is off the subject. What program do you use to create your pictures? Photoshop? Mac or PC? (My curiosity and completely irrelevant.)  

31 Oct 2002 @ 12:50 by shawa : Hi, Martha...
:-) The pictures are mine, and they are simple collage on paper, which I then scan.  

31 Oct 2002 @ 14:56 by martha : nice job
You are very creative shakti ma.  

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