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picture4 Oct 2002 @ 21:14, by John Ashbaugh

Rock returns to the Fire.
Cloud-water returns to the Ocean.
Fire returns to the Water.
Another cycle of Life begins.
Rock grows into Tree-by-the-Lake.
Roots drink from the water table.
Breath of the leaf is extinguished
by Fire-in-the-Rain.
Tree burns away,
returning to Cloud and the Rock.
Sun fire continues to warm the Ocean
which breathes through fire in the water.
The fire within Rock burns within flesh.
When the Rock melts
and returns to the Twins
of fire and water,
The Wind may scatter
the seeds of recollection
to the Twin continents
of Ollin and Tethys,
and to the Twin oceans:
the Indo-Pacific and the Arctic-Atlantic.
The seeds of recollection
may find a new path
for return into Life.


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