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picture9 Aug 2002 @ 23:23, by John Ashbaugh

The synodic period in the revolution of planets
is the time within which a planet moves
From a certain position with respect to the Sun
as seen from Earth
back to the same position, or elongation.
For Venus-Quetzalcoatl the movement is from
Inferior conjunction between Earth and Sun

Through Western elongation in the morning Eastern sky,

Through superior conjunction on the other side of Sun,

Through Eastern elongation in the evening Western sky,

Back to inferior conjunction.

584 days mark one cycle.

For every eight Earth solar years,
five synodic revolutions of Venus-Quetzalcoatl pass.
Two days without name
between end and beginning
mark the time of transition.


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9 Aug 2002 @ 23:36 by kay : Awesome work
and good thoughts too. There is a crystal cave not far from here and a group of us went out there yesterday and did some drumming and toning and just some quite time.

John, would you mind if I put some of these artworks on my screensaver. I always ask first if it is Okay. I have Swans and Shakti's and I would like to add yours.  

10 Aug 2002 @ 15:52 by shawa : Hi, (((Kay)))!
They´re mine, from the Gallery. You´re welcome to them, of course :-)  

12 Aug 2002 @ 20:28 by koravya : free, free bumblebee
The words and pictures I have written and drawn
are free to any who wish to read and look.
There is more engaging response to this material
here at NewCiv than it has received in quite some time.
The e-book store is a window,
on the path of bringing me here.
Hey, I've got bills to pay.
Don't we all.
But there is no resonable way,
considering the subject matter,
that I could venture to profit in any significant way
from the path of these words and pictures
as I cast them to the winds, fall where they may.

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