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picture6 Aug 2002 @ 07:31, by John Ashbaugh

Lord of Light and Lord of Night
Each emerge
from the mouth of a Serpent on fire.
Twin serpents meet
Tongue to tongue,
Lord of Light to Lord of Night,
Knife to knife.
Twin serpents meet
Tail to Tail,
on the keystone date
named thirteen Reed,
at which point
returns to beginning.
Lord of Light is feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl.
Lord of Night is smoking mirror, Tezcatlipoca.
The rotational pattern of visible planets
Is counted in days
Through counting markers
Engraved in the skin
Of twin serpents on fire.


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6 Aug 2002 @ 11:27 by swan : John, Have you seen the Mayan calendar?
I saw it when I was in Mexico City a couple of years ago. I was surprised at how big it is. It carries a great deal of power. Thank you for sharing this information with others, in such a beautiful voice.  

8 Aug 2002 @ 09:26 by koravya : Iconography
The Mayans of Guatemala and the Yucatan developed the counting system for this complex calendar which followed the movements of the sun and the moon, Venus, and to the best of my knowledge, the other visible planets.
The Aztecs adapted the calendar to thier own iconography, which was very similar to but not identical to the Mayan ideograph system. The Aztecs carved that huge 20 foot in diameter rock, and I refer to it as the Aztec claendar stone.
I've never been to Mexico, although I did visit Belize and Guatemala for a couple of weeks around 1980. Visited the town of Flores, on a little island in a lake, took a walk around the lake, and spent three days at the ancient Mayan city of Tikal.

9 Aug 2002 @ 18:42 by swan : Yes, you are right it was The Aztecs
who carved the stone calender that is in Mexico City. John Mini wrote two interesting books about the calendar, "The Day of Destiny" and " The Aztec Virgin" . The Aztec Virgin traces Our Lady of Guadalupe back to an Aztec Goddess.  

12 Aug 2002 @ 20:36 by koravya : Our Lady
I've lived in New Mexico for barely two years now.
The culture for veneration of Our Lady of Guadelupe is strong here.
A year and a half ago, a Los Angeles based computer graphics artist
was part of a four person show at the New Mexico State Museum of International Folk Art. One of her pictures was a re-imaging
of the traditional humble, prayerful Mother, as a proud young woman with her head held high, arms akimbo, wearing a sumptuous garland of roses around her breasts and a full covering of roses around her womanhood, in the manner of those old two piece bathing suits from the 50s. Nothing disrespectful to her womanhood, just a proud young woman. Some members of the traditional Catholic community were seriously offended. There were demonstrations and meetings, demands for removal of the offending images, and counterdemands for the rights of free speech.
The evolution of the image spirit of womanhood continues.
Things change. Always she is there.
The artist's name is Alma Lopez, and I visited her site about that time, to develop a broader understanding of what she is about.
She is certainly about more than just that one image.

13 Aug 2002 @ 02:41 by swan : John, I have seen that image.
I thought it was great.
Our Lady, as I see her, wants to be seen. She is showing up in all kinds of ways. She wants to touch everyone. It is too bad that
some Catholics are not able to see the beauty in that. I have developed a deep relationship with her over the past three years as I feel she is responsible for healing my body. I feel her presence always with me.
I went to an art show a couple of years ago where the energy and the images were uncomfortable to me. In the midst of all of that was a painting that someone had done of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When I saw her I thought, "If She can be present here so can I."  

13 Aug 2002 @ 12:06 by bushman : Also
The myan calendar also catologs past and future ice ages/epochs, 2012 is the beginning of a new cycle, It deplics the orbit of our galixy around the galactic center as well.  

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