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picture31 Jul 2002 @ 09:33, by John Ashbaugh

Earth spins once on Her axis
In the twenty-two hours
of a single day and night,
The thirteen Lords of Day
And the nine Lords of Night.
Each day of light is signed entirely
By one of thirteen Lords of Day.
Each day of night is signed entirely
By one of nine Lords of Night.
The week of days is 13 days,
Each for a different Lord of Day.
The week of nights is 9 nights,
Each for a different Lord of Night.
Within the 260 day ceremonial cycle of the calendar,
Each of the thirteen Lords of Day
presides over twenty days,
and each of the nine Lords of Night
presides over 29 nights,
with two Lords of Night presiding
over the last night of the ceremonial cycle.


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1 Aug 2002 @ 00:26 by jazzolog : The Lords At Work
I'll never keep all these guys straight, but I trust in the nobility of their duties. I love these mythic fragments you are uncovering in the poetic substrata and ionic music of the spheres. Would you identify that painting?  

1 Aug 2002 @ 00:51 by shawa : Hi, Jazzman.
:-) The painting is mine, from the Avalon Gallery of Visionary Art, Part II, that will open this Saturday (you´ll get your own personal invitation to roam in these wondrous Rooms)...  

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