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picture20 Jul 2002 @ 21:50, by John Ashbaugh

The Earth of continental shelves and oceanic valleys
Is a cup now two thirds filled with water.
This body container of water
Is passing through a time of transformation.
Earth is a two petaled flower
With a petal of sky and a petal of fire.
SkyWater absorbs the fire
And the color of SkyPetal
May be somewhat different
From the Blue that it now is.
As SkyPetal changes color
Through seasons of atmosphere,
Each of I is dew drop-let
And nectar blood of this planet.


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21 Jul 2002 @ 05:33 by chaiyah : Shift happens.
...Is the sky as blue and clear for the one dying of disease?
...Does the song of the lark impress the one pressed into service?
...Can the Sunflower any longer tolerate to gaze upon the Sun?
...We are sidetracked a great deal of the time.
...May God bring our Attention back, front and center!  

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