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 Passing Thought10 comments
picture6 Nov 2004 @ 04:41
The United States as fictional backdrop for the earthly stage on which we enact our personal drama. Chalkmarks across the landscape demarcate boundaries for the zones of interaction. Jigsaw puzzle pieces of states and county lines tumble out of the box onto the table.  More >

 Peak Oil6 comments
picture18 Oct 2004 @ 03:34
Here is a brief response essay I wrote this afternoon for my students, since I am asking them to write a response essay to a video that I will be showing them this week. I’ve got quite a few very conservative people in some of these classes, and a reasonable minority of them are relatively liberal people. It’s a good class of responsive, thoughtful, and opinionated minds. (relevant link is [link])  More >

 Dancing in Circles14 comments
picture16 Aug 2004 @ 00:10
Dancing in Circles [link]
”Once upon a time, they say, we danced our lives through - as we worked, played, ate, slept, fought, and loved. We danced to petition and appease the gods, to help the sun rise, the rivers flow, and the plants grow and thrive. By dancing we understood our power and our place in the universe, and through dance we transmitted this understanding to the next generation. We danced to celebrate life’s rites of passage, from birth to death; through the dance we attuned to and imitated the rhythms, cycles and the awe-inspiring process of nature, and we danced to express our joy, fear, grief and hope. According to Bernhard and Maria Gabrielle Wosien, "Dancing has always been an imitation of the divine mystery in manifestation." To live was to dance.  More >