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 Solar Eagle2 comments
picture23 Nov 2003 @ 17:13
A drawing from the template of the inner circle
of the Aztec calendar stone.
"Although the Aztec Sun Calendar
appears to be very complex, it's made
from a number of simple elements. More
than anything, the Calendar is about
motion, or movement. The glyph for
movement is called Ollin (Oh-LEEN),
and forms the center of the Calendar.
It's made from the face of the Sun,
whose name is Tonatiuh (Toh-NAH-tyoo),
his hands, and the symbols of the
four Nahui (NAH-wee), or Ages of the Suns.
Tonatiuh wears a jade necklace, tipped
by eagle feathers, and a large jewel, which
is one of five jewels surrounding him in the
center of the Calendar. Above his head is
the tip of the SOLAR DART. The center of the
Calendar can be seen as a SOLAR DART, or
ray of light. It's also sometimes described
as the SOLAR EAGLE."
In this colored drawing,
the face of Tonatiuh, the Sun,
is left out of the centermost circle.  More >

 Indicator0 comments
picture3 Nov 2003 @ 18:17
In wondering what the alignment of the four sites might refer to, one can extend the arc around the curvature of the Earth, and with a degree of approximation attributable to a length of string strung round a twelve inch globe, we find a configuration of continents centered on the south Atlantic. Within the Aztec circle of twenty days, the Alligator on the left approximates the position of Rapa Nui. Rain approximates the location of the Yucatan. The Jaguar, Stonehenge; and Grass, Giza. The distance between the first two approximates the distance between the second two. Who draws this line between these four places and what on Earth does it serve as Indicator for?  More >

 Mayan mask6 comments
picture31 Oct 2003 @ 20:49
A solar year ago tonight, our neighbor Venus-Quetzalcoatl, passed through a conjunction to begin the first leg of
her-his synodic cycle of 584 days. She's been here as our morning star for some time now, and has recently emerged as our evening star. The circle, the square, and the pyramid of Egypt through the view of a Mayan mask.  More >

 On the Three Maps Preceeding2 comments
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 12:55
Follow the Line
that passes through the four knots on the string.
Rapa Nui - Easter Island
Tikal - Yucatan

What does this Line represent?  More >

 Across the continent0 comments
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 12:51
of Ollin,
through Rapa Nui,
Tikal, and Stonehenge.  More >

 Across the Continent1 comment
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 12:14
of Tethys
through Stonehenge and Giza  More >

 Across the Southern Sea0 comments
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 12:11
From Giza to Rapa Nui.  More >

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