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 New Venue3 comments
picture7 Jun 2004 @ 14:47
I first bumped into NewCiv.Org some two years ago on May 25, 2002, and hit the join button, having only the vaguest idea of what a newsblog is, or could be, or how such a thing functions. I bounced around inside for a month, making comments and engaging in exchanges, and finally got around to starting my own newslog on July 2. Decided to publish from a series of poems I had concocted during the previous several years, and Shawa (then Shakti-ma) and I did a collaboration in which the accompanying image for each poem was one of her collages or watercolors. It was a lot of fun, and quite refreshing to see my familiar words alongside Shawa’s sensitive and insightful visual creations  More >

 From One to the Other0 comments
picture3 Apr 2004 @ 23:18
Final drawing in the series, from an Achaemenian armband, two griffins meet face to face, wings outstretched, in profile. Facing one another through the sky, their torsos are embedded in the twin continents of Ollin and Tethys; their legs and feet stretch their roots into soil, the one soil, at the root from which both have been born into the world. The death of one is the death of the other; likewise their lives. Here is an image of what we are to one another. There is wisdom from the past embedded in the piles of rocks strewn around the globe. They are markings for a path around the globe, coordinated with celestial patterns. Follow the lines across the stars, through the forests and across the mountains and the seemingly endless sea, to the place we started from. Here is the point of departure and the place of return. Rooted in the Earth, we return to the Earth, after the brief blossoming life of a vision shines through the blue empty sky, of a brother and a sister, partners on the path through the black tunnel to who we are becoming.
from The Treasure of the Oxus
Towards the bottom of the page.
_*/  More >

 Symmetry1 comment
picture17 Mar 2004 @ 21:34
All of these places are connected,
Giza, Stonehenge, Tikal, and Rapa Nui,
on a line which includes consideration
for the intersection between our equator and our ecliptic,
at this longitude which traverses the Atlantic,
which interestingly enough
approximates the mid-Atlantic ridge.
Harappa, Tonga, Rapa Nui, Cuzco, and Giza
are on the line of the ecliptic in this configuration.
-. *_.*^/_>.*/-*
For anyone who would care to interpret this configuration,
or comment in any way,
this log is open to discussion,
for at this point, this is all I know.
_//_  More >

 Pattern0 comments
picture17 Mar 2004 @ 21:31
*/_<*/_^-_/<_-*-_  More >

 Voyage of Circumnavigation0 comments
picture28 Feb 2004 @ 12:21
-_/**/(-_#^*.>/*  More >

 With the Ancient Seafarers0 comments
picture28 Feb 2004 @ 12:18
*/.:*/*^-_<:*/-_-*  More >

 Cords2 comments
picture8 Feb 2004 @ 14:55
Three cords twine forever.

The circle of Heart’s flower,
The sphere of Gaia’s breath,
Light from planetary movement.  More >

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