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 Modern Day Slavery5 comments
picture22 Aug 2012 @ 22:26
Photographing Modern day slavery
By Lisa Kristine
“From backbreaking labor in brick factories and underground mines, to sex slavery, to textile mills and farms, Lisa tells the story of the people featured in her heart-braking photographs. . .  More >

 Rainbow 0911 comments
picture25 Jun 2009 @ 07:05
Monday, June 22nd. Took a drive on Sunday the fourteenth to the Santa Fe National Forest east of Cuba. Rainbow Gathering Time. Good parking spot on the side of the road next to the path leading to the meadow.  More >

 Final Exams85 comments
picture22 Aug 2008 @ 05:21
Final exams week at the Ecole Technique.
These are the last two weeks of the summer quarter at school. The finals have to be given, so emotions are running high all over the school, as students are finalizing their knowledge into a coherent statement. I read composition essays. I read peoples’ stories. They talk about what they believe in, and what they think about what is right and what is wrong about a lot of things.  More >

 Weatherman12 comments
picture24 May 2006 @ 04:16
The world is going up in flames. The great fire is beginning. Nuclear weapons are no longer necessary. The planet is cooked. More and more individuals are going to make more and more decisions about what they think they need to do.
You don't need a weather man
To know which way the wind blows
Ice-Capped Roof of World Turns to Desert
By Geoffrey Lean
The Independent UK
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 Bhutan6 comments
picture4 Dec 2005 @ 21:46
Travelers and Magicians
Tells the story of a young man with an urgent desire to leave his village in Bhutan and go to America, his dreamland where he can work for lots of money and meet pretty girls, and rock and roll his way through life in his name-brand basketball shoes. He misses the bus and begins a vigil of waiting to hitchhike a ride from the occasional passer-by. Along the way he meets an old man with a basket of apples going to market, an itinerant young monk, and an elderly villager with his nineteen-year-old daughter. The monk tells a story along the way to his fellow travelers. The monk’s story is woven through the film in tandem with and parallel to the stories of the travelers on the road, going from one ride to another, sometimes on foot, all with the common destination of the city a hundred miles away, the young man presumably to go from there to America, the apple farmer to sell his apples, the monk for the festival, and the elderly man and his daughter, simply returning home. The monk’s story is a story in itself, and the entire movie is seen through two stories, one within the other, from beginning to end.
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 Story4 comments
picture28 Oct 2005 @ 05:16
Now I have just finished reading this 600 page novel A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, which I found on the used book shelves of the Goodwill on the Boulevard.
I’ll let the review from Publisher’s Weekly tell you what it’s about, for I just thought to write down a quote from near the end.
“There is no such thing as an uninteresting life.”
. . . .
“One day you must tell me your full and complete story, unabridged and unexpurgated. You must. . . It’s very important.

“Why is it important/”
“You don’t know? It’s extremely important because it helps to remind yourself of who you are. Then you can go forward, without fear of losing yourself in this ever-changing world.”
. . .
“To share the story redeems everything.”


“How I don’t know exactly. But I feel it here.” He put his hand over his heart.
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