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 Dreamscape0 comments
picture22 Jun 2008 @ 15:15
I guess with the solstice and the full moon and Venus newly emerging from superior conjunction into the evening star, one might be inclined to some mental configuration.
One starry night a long time ago on this green planet,  More >

 Portal2 comments
picture19 Apr 2006 @ 04:04
Sycamore  More >

 Horizon5 comments
picture1 Feb 2006 @ 05:19
Twice a Day Dawn.  More >

 Watershed Lifeline21 comments
picture27 Nov 2004 @ 03:50
After the cosmic flamethrower has scoured the Earth of her vermin, pockets of humanity will emerge from the darkness into Dawn. These are the people who will nurture peace. They will be the first people emerging from the cave that reaches to the center of the Earth. They will emerge onto the surface of a planet pregnant with possibilities for the collective mind now free from internecine rivalries. We will have a vision of our planet as a whole and we will be the caretakers.  More >